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  1. do you guys use any kind of joy sticks/throttle/pedals or something that might interefere with throttle controls? if you do, maybe they are messing with something. - if not, just ignore me :)
  2. crazyone

    Ally channel

    they probably dont want to communicate then..
  3. Would this reset upon dying/restart? Sounds like a cool idea if possible! :)
  4. not my problem people live in different time zones :P
  5. I usually sit on teamspeak for 5+ hours doing nothing, because there's no one to talk to, that way i dont need to connect everytime i want to see if people are on.
  6. I would like to see the TS idle kick removed again.. I usually sit on TS waiting for people to come online, and now I'm getting kicked because I'm not talking to my self.. Teamspeak is a part of the community as much as the forum is, its my go to hangout place for people online, as much of my online friends are from this very community, they know to find me on teamspeak, i know where to find them on teamspeak, but if you are getting kicked just because you aren't active (not afk or brb whatever) for 2 hours, it sort of defeats the purpose.. Please remove the idle kick
  7. crazyone


    It makes sense BUT, with my suggestion, you have a limited ammount of the higher powered weapons per restart to just go and buy, which would mean if a large firefight occurs between rebel gangs or rebel and police, where large number of people loose their life, then the stock of weapons could end up empty, and people would have to settle with more common weapons, assault rifles or SMG's. One thing I didn't mention in the first post, which i assumed/hoped would give it self, is that the higher powered weapons would be more expensive as well, because of the lower stock. But again,
  8. crazyone


    This is why I also suggested crafting weapons, just so when stocks are depleted there is still ways to go about getting a weapon. You could always try to roleplay your way to a weapon as well, could open up a proper black market run by players and not a NPC.
  9. crazyone


    Change of how you acquire weapons as a rebel, the different weapon dealers around the island should have a limited ammount of weapons per restart. Weapon dealers only keep so much in stock on location so they dont get caught, so they'll have to order new weapons from the mainland. Because of this, rebels need to think of a better way to keep their weapon caches stocked and ready for their next large conflict, so they have started to produce their own weapons. Prices should be regulated as to how many is in stock, so lets say a marksman rifle that currently costs £100.000 would chan
  10. Bring back Bank island! It used to be on the island at Pyrgos, that was a fun location. Proper kill zone if you decide to assault it, and with the way the map is being customized now, it could be made great for the people robbing the bank as well. There used to be a lot of sniping from the buldings around pyrgos on to the island, since its just flat and naked. There's also a construction site near Neochori, east north/east, which has a lot of interesting landscape and buildings around it, which would make for an interesting location, wouldn't need much if any tweaking either :
  11. Because people want to know how you know everything about them, I dont see the problem? I dont assume you are patrolling and controlling a darter at the same time? I would hope you are 2 people in the car at a time when the darter is used, so one officer is able to deal with the restrained people, while you bring the drone down so they can see it, and then back up. Why do you make it sound like the end of the world, having to spend 1 minute of roleplay to show you actually have viable reason arrest someone? It was never an issue when I was a CI, why is it now? Did you not read the
  12. But it wouldn't? Unless people are even more trigger happy than when I used to be in the police, which I highly doubt.. (I never lost a darter to rebels, civilians or UNMC, only to other cops trying to be funny..) The point of the darter is off course to be out of visible and audible range, but once a situation has been dealt with, and you have restrained the people involved, there is no longer any threat for the darter to be shot.
  13. I used to be a cop, a long time ago, so I believe the availability of the darter may have changed since, so I'd like to ask who have acces to it? Back in the day when we dealt with people where we had used the darter, we'd lower the darter so they could see/hear it as proof. From stories I heard, that was the common practice for those of us operating the darter. - I would personally prefer to try and keep as much roleplay within the server, rather than having people throwing pictures and videos around.
  14. Didn't you leave? 😂

    1. Starsky


      I thought you left!

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