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  1. 3 Years! 👍

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      Time flies when in good company! 😎

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      I love ruining people fun there's 421 for you

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  3. @Kyle Dorans Try to turn off steam overlay if you have it on, i did it yesterday and didn't crash. I might just have been lucky, but worth a shot :)
  4. That is a ram issue, I have currently got a ticket going on the feedback tracker with the same issue, and there's also at least one major arma streamer getting the same issue, and he's in touch with bohemia about it. Right now what I have been told, is to either install new drivers for graphics card, or try a older driver, verify game or disable the steam overlay. I am currently testing no steam overlay. So far no problems, but hopes aren't too high.
  5. @Adam J MI've got it installed, but I don't really play it.
  6. its not worth it on pc. there's like a total of 2000 people playing it.. DLC will probably up that amount for a few days, but its dead on PC.. Console is the most active platform for battlefront :( http://swbstats.com/ - numbers for console/pc
  7. Niantec, the creator of the app, is owned by google. I don't really care about allowing them to acces my phone, since they already have the ability. Also, I could choose which things I allowed them to get acces to, they wanted acces to phone book, pictuere gallery, GPS and camera, I only allowed GPS and camera. But it is asking for quite a lot of acces for what it is. But yea, dont say yes to anything just because you trust the company behind it! :)
  8. I watched linus tech tips video on it earlier, looking pretty cool! Just gotta wait to see how it actually performs in the real world :)
  9. If you like banished, give rimworld a try as well! :)
  10. Congratulations Neo! :D

  11. If the server actually crashed, then probably, but if it was turned off due to activity this time a night, it's playing at your own risk But try your luck on http://www.altislife.co.uk/forum/10-compensation-requests/
  12. If you initate the RP outside of the greenzone, and the person you are attempting to arrest decided to run into the greenzone, you are allowed to taze him/knock him out. (Exploting the rules by evading arrest by going into a safe zone) If the person is in the greenzone when you initate, you have to either make them surrender or wait for them to leave. That is how I would go by the rules if I played as a BH.
  13. Thought some people could use this! http://www.pcgamer.com/geforce-drivers-36447-cause-catastrophic-errors/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=pcgfb
  14. When I bought the season pass for Six Siege (Both ubisoft titles) I had to get the CD key for the season pass on steam and then redeem the CD key in uplay. Maybe that's what you have to do? If not, then I hope you'll figure it out. :)
  15. @Neo had a training server which allowed you to get admin through a command, and then you'd get command of zeus as well. Don't know if that'd be enough admin for you though?