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  1. We can have both in one convenient vessel
  2. Is this gonna be constructive or shall we close it straight away? OP's choice, but you're responsible for any mess that occurs here if the thread stays open.
  3. Yeah a bit weird of a reaction there... How about we keep this chill and remember this is a game? You can keep hating the other end of the political spectrum IRL but keep it off a gaming forum eh?
  4. Going to have to postpone the community meeting tonight everyone. My apologies! Everyone who submitted a form will be PM'ed an answer directly on the forums and we'll be sure to bring it up as usual next Friday!

    Instead, tonight's entertainment is brought to you by @CMO Norman
    right here.


  5. Let's be clear though, staff don't have any say in how the whitelisted factions run and management only decide on proposals brought to them. Unless there's a huge issue, the whitelisted factions run themselves completely.
  6. Just a quick one: Added: (1.8) Forcing or encouraging another member of the community to break a rule is punishable by a ban.
  7. Enough. Do this properly or not at all.
  8. X.X.X: If your group does a HM and stores gold in a gang base/personal house before restart, you MUST relog back in to the same server after restart if you are returning to the server. Otherwise you force people to log in even if they intend to come back tomorrow.
  9. Playing WW1 mod. Not digging trenches in every province. You brought this on yourself!
  10. Community meeting right now on Teamspeak. 

  11. As with all bans, evidence is required. You will not be punished for logging in if you don't use out of game information.
  12. You're right, it seems to have disappeared at some point. It was a short mention under the Metagaming section. To be amended.
  13. This isn't a new problem... or not from my perspective anyway. Back when I was UNMC General we all got in trouble for doing exactly the same thing, (Logging onto the server after receiving a request to do so on our messaging service). Rather ironically I believe it was a group of members of the Police who raised the issue. Which of course, was and is against server rules. It's always been forbidden to affect ingame results with out of game actions such as calling offline people for backup. Something has changed in the police in the last year, maybe a little longer, if it is okay to call for out of game backup.