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  1. 3 Years on and you're still Repping Kai/Alessia as your pp. 


  2. Duping running the ecosystem, Duping runes the experince of other players and its not fair not spending any money so its not fair on anyone else. It just ruins the fun of the grind and just should be done its against the rules so should just not me done. I appogise for actions that happened but this was 3 years ago and got a lot more experince i couldnt even remeber that i did dupe thats why i said that in my orginal ban appeal but i must have. i must have been very stupid back then and im sorry for my action.
  3. Because its 3 year ago so i dont remember it but if i did im sorry so. Thats why i said that as i dont remember what happened 3 years ago? So i didnt think i did. But if i did i did and im sorry
  4. Are you defo sure that was me? Personally it was 3 years ago and i dont remember doing that? If i did im sorry but the only reason i dont remember is that ive never broken any rules on any server i played so i didnt think i would of done it on this server when this was on of my favorite server and i wanted to come back and play. So if i did im sorry for what ive done but i put a lot of time into this server so would my account been wiped? Because if i did what i did im very sorry and wont make any mistakes again. If i did do this im very sorry its been a long time since this happe
  5. In-game Name Troy Bolton Steam ID 76561198134645844 The date of your ban. 03/19/17 Member of the team that banned you. Stauart Reason given for your ban. Duping Where was you banned Altis Life In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I have no idea why i was banned for duping when i have never dupped, and never wanted to dup its been 3 years and i dont think i was around playing on roleplay.co.uk then. Like i never knew how to dup and stuff. If i did i am very sorry but i used to love the sever and i would never ruin my chances
  6. +1 Would be a lot of gun and get to see more people xD
  7. Sorry :) Just to good like xD @Nosey
  8. Thank you mate @Jason Detiri I just try my hardest :P
  9. Ayy cheers bro, it was a great laugh top notch roleplay from you :) hope to see you again
  10. Ayyy Cheers man, it was really good xD Don't forgot were going to vegas next week for our skills. Had a brilliant time great RP from all of you aswell top notch @SGT Max ORyan
  11. Cheers lads try my best :) @Eclipse @Scott1sh
  12. @Nosey Thanks xD I Try my best. :)
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