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  1. Vinny

    Cabana Cartel/Bahama Mama's

    Sad to see something different being lost. Had many a good interaction with the Cabana Cartel and Hugo. 💔
  2. Vinny

    The whole of The Occult

    Thank you!❤️🔥
  3. Vinny

    Remove the use of beanbag guns in gunfights.

    Kevin, this is definitely not our intentions when we raid a police station. Although I agree we aim to raise chaos, we don't aim to take down officers. The few times we've been in MRPD have all been for RP reasons and are typically hostage lead. Last night was not meant to be a rush on PD. We...
  4. Vinny

    Report a player - Unknown (Possible Occult) - GTA RP

    Hello! Sure, shoot me a message when you're available :)
  5. Vinny

    Report a player - Unknown (Possible Occult) - GTA RP

    Good Morning, This is me in the report. I think this could have been discussed and resolved in liaison had one been called. To give a little bit of context, The Occult were out hunting for a police officer to sacrifice, it appeared we had been spotted / caught on by a few units, so we were...
  6. Vinny

    Joe Scrub

    Great, respectful guy who always has something interesting going on. Always nice to see him.
  7. Vinny

    Compensation Request - Vinny - GTA RP

    Hi Hank, Sorry, I thought the total bags was included in the video - but appears it's not (not my clip). I don't believe we have anymore footage.
  8. Vinny

    Compensation Request - Vinny - GTA RP

    Character Name: Vinny Firth Character ID: 92981 Steam ID: 76561198041340852 Game: GTA RP Date: May 31, 2024 Please Provide Full Details: After finishing a run with 83 bags, upon returning back to the depot we could not unload the truck to allow us to get paid. We tried to work around this...
  9. Vinny

    Does Helmet Armour have a place on RPUK?

    I think a key point to remember from “The Occults” point of view here is that we don’t typically battle other groups. We’re a satanic religion built around anarchy and fighting back against the police and government. We’re basically at war with the police on an almost 24/7 basis. We know that...
  10. Vinny

    NPAS Thermals

    It's basically like using /sessionheads to find people in bushes but on a larger scale (exploiting). If it can't be fixed due to being a base game issue, then it should be removed. You can't trust people not to abuse it and bring the knowledge within RP. I'd hate to think how many scenarios this...
  11. Vinny

    GTA RP - Card Freakz Card appears to have wrong description.

    Server: GTA RP Character Name: Vinny Firth Steam ID: 76561198041340852 Date: May 21, 2024 Time: 22:00 Provide a one sentence summary of the bug: Card Freakz Card appears to have wrong description. Provide a full description of the bug: The new Vlad Franks card appears to have the...
  12. Vinny

    Fuel Pumps at Trucking Depo

    +1. I like the idea and seems to suit real life. However, I would suggest it's owned by the COC/Government and is a little more pricey than other fuel stations, sorta like a last resort. Money made can go back into city budgets. Would also suggest that it doesn't require fuel deliveries...
  13. Vinny

    RPUK Wiki Suggestions

    Taxi page is missing the new additional vehicles https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/GTA:Taxi Lang and Diaz is now Mirror Park Motors: https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/GTA:Vehicle_Dealerships Fruit picking doesn't mention bananas or the fruit seller: https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/GTA:Fruit_Harvesting Non...
  14. Vinny

    casino update (adding more tables)

    Would love to see some changes to the Casino and more ways to gamble money away. However, I believe that it requires a lot of thought process to protect the economy, same reason I believe roulette was removed.
  15. Vinny

    That's a weird Avon representatives name 🤔

    That's a weird Avon representatives name 🤔
  16. Vinny

    Report a player - Gloria ... and Harvey ... - GTA RP

    Sent video clips in a DM to Hank, but still of ID's here. https://i.gyazo.com/5cf23314beb5b13a77b3294e936b40d3.png 524 was Harvey, 679 was Gloria.
  17. Vinny

    Report a player - Gloria ... and Harvey ... - GTA RP

    Hello! Just adding this into here as I was present and Harvey contacted me OOC during the event. He apparently did have internet issues and reconnected and was dealt with as intended in RP. His "sister" apparently logged back in a short while later and was out of zip ties (as that happens) and...
  18. Vinny

    Illegal Hunting

    I like the idea, but I feel like this could also be handled in RP if the Rangers had the power to give licenses to those with a bit of a criminal background. There's no corruption rules for Rangers, but apparently from my attempts in RP, the PNC checks are mandated by the Police. Rangers being...