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Found 21 results

  1. Unban Appeal for adam22443 In-game Name: Adam Osborne Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198150860525 Ban ID: !!rpuk13334!! Reason given for your ban: G2.9 | C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I believe that I was banned because I put items from Jake Osborne into the glove box of the car and drove to Adam Osborne's house where I then swapped characters and then went into the glove box and took some money, food and a radio. Why should we unban you ?: I am writing to appeal the ban because I feel like I am now ready to rejoin the Roleplaying community, and that from my last time I got banned and then upbanned that I didn't appreciate the server and the amount of effort that everyone on here goes to make the server what it is. And that I believe in the last 7 months I've matured more and grown to respect the roleplaying community as a whole. If I fortunate enough to be unbanned again my plan will be to not create 2 characters and just use the one so that I will not be tempted to break the same rules as I have done in the pass. I've also acknowledge that I've also broke the G.3.5 since I used another character with intent to transfer items/money across to Adam Osborne. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  2. Unban Appeal for harryjs14 In-game Name: harryjs14 Server: Discord Steam ID: 76561198387278611 Ban ID: Not sure Reason given for your ban: I am not sure why I was banned from the discord In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I cannot remember. Why should we unban you ?: You should unban me because I am not completely sure why I was banned, however I would like to file an appeal for it if I can find the reason. My discord is harryjs14 Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. Unban Appeal for Jimmy Swings In-game Name: Jimmy Swings Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199093916426 Ban ID: !!rpuk16183!! Reason given for your ban: underage In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I believe when I was out at work as I work away from home my little brother has hopped on fivem on my recently played servers and got me banned yes he is underage. Why should we unban you ?: I am not happy with him and I am more then happy to hop in a discord call and speak to you guys to resolve this even if I need to show me camera when I am out of work I will gladly speak to any higher up or anyone that banned me and we can resolve this issue to make sure it doesn't happen again and we can clarify I am over 18 and we can talk about all this in a call even if it takes a little bit off peoples time. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. Unban Appeal for Revoke In-game Name: Johnny Step Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199126356027 Ban ID: !!rpuk15672!! Reason given for your ban: G1.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Breaching the rule G1.2 on 2 occasions within 2 different scenarios. Why should we unban you ?: I believe I should be unbanned because instead of taking a step back and letting roleplay run its course, I let the pressure get to me and had RDM'd on more than one occasion, during my last appeal, I stated that this was a slip up, this is still the case but more so in the fact that I was so tunnel visioned in the whole war RP with it going on for so long that when I attacked the grove members at that moment in time, I was so sure it couldn't have been anyone else but Aztecas unfortunately this wasn't the case and isn't the standard of roleplay that I'm here to provide, all it would have taken me was an extra 10 seconds to realise the mistaken identity instead of jumping into action based on another members decisions. I have been through multiple long lasting wars with Cutlass and these are my first Rdm offenses since I joined the community. Although I did not begin the attack I understand the rulebreak in this situation, In future scenarios of this sort I would not take part in a low quality rp attack and advise agaisnt it using my senior role within the gang. The other occasion is the situation that happened in Pillbox, I should have provided more and higher quality roleplay rather then just attacking after hearing one of our members had been shot. In hindsight I got caught up in my own bubble of RP, taking this time away has made me see things for what it is at face value, instead of trying to justify my rulebreaks I've learnt to accept that that's what they are and too steer clear of situations like this and do better when it comes to it, as it's not something that can always be avoided. With the awareness I have now, I will not act the same way I did. I honestly want to be unbanned to continue roleplaying and developing my storyline within Cutlass, whilst on the server I've become a known and respected senior and have been helping smaller gangs and newer players get on their feet and find their place in the city. This is something I want to continue with if I'm allowed to return as I feel it can benefit the community. I know better and can assure you this low quality of roleplay will not continue, I understand this is not acceptable within this community and for future situations like this, I would ensure more roleplay of a high standard is provided before any violence is carried out. Thank you for taking the time to deal with this appeal, apologies to those affected by my actions and staff for having to take their time to deal with this. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  5. Unban Appeal for JasonBarnes_Unban2 In-game Name: Jason Barnes Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561197990247051 Ban ID: Unable to get Reason given for your ban: C1.6 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Previous Appeals; https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/146493-unban-appeal-jasonb_unban-gta-rp/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/142216-unban-appeal-jasonbarnes_unban-gta-rp/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/143293-unban-appeal-jasonbarnes_-gta-rp https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/144039-unban-appeal-jasonbarnes_-community-banned/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/146773-unban-appeal-jb_unban2-gta-rp/#comment-834904 https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/148440-unban-appeal-jasonbarnes_unban1-gta-rp/ Why should we unban you ?: New year, new appeal. I’ve appealed that many times since I was banned in June 2022 that I won’t repeat the same reasons for each ban as I have done every time previously, rather I will address the points that were made in the final reply in my last appeal as well as comments made in a ticket regarding my ban. As always I have linked my previous appeals above for reference. I’ll start with Danoo’s final reply from when my last appeal was denied at the start of October. “Sadly, we don't believe that you only posted the racial slur to disprove someone's theory. There is absolutely no way anyone would do that, as it'll only cause them more harm than good.” I have no reason to lie about this. If I had posted it for malicious reasons, or because everyone else was doing it and I just wanted to join in, I would hold my hands up and say so. At this point, the reason why does not make it better or worse because at the end of the day regardless of the reason it should never have been said and I have apologised multiple times for it and expressed my regret at the situation. I have nothing to gain by changing the narrative and it is 100% the truth that I did not believe someone would ever share screenshots from the discord. We have seen mass 1.6 bans happen in the past for in game related issues, such as excessive bans or poor roleplay from an entire gang. I was almost certain and confident this was the reason Vagos were getting banned and so stupidly I joined in with the messages in the discord. In my defence I know for certain you will never find legitimate proof of any other racist behaviour whatsoever from me and there is no pattern of behaviour to show that it is in my character to act in this way. I am not a racist person in the slightest and have no ill will towards any group of people. “I don't think it'll ever be a yes to return to this community. You lot certainly did it with the racial slurs, the rule breaks over a consistent 6 months, then the doxing video which was certainly immoral and disgusting behaviour.” I have never once appealed on anyone else's behalf, only my own. I don’t know why an appeal from me is being tainted by the actions of other people. I am only responsible for my own actions and I admit to 1 message containing a racial slur. Anyone else has nothing to do with me. To add to this, the consistent rule breaks over 6 months didn’t involve me either. If anything I prevented more rule breaks by trying to hold Vagos together and attempting to steer people in the right direction in terms of roleplay and sticking to the rules. If I recall correctly before I was banned in June, I had a 1 day ban and a 2 day ban a year or two prior for NVL when I was quite new to Roleplay and that is it. There is no ban history to hold over my head that shows me as a consistent rule breaker. As for the doxxing video as I have stated multiple times again and again I had nothing to do with that. I 100% agree that it is disgusting behaviour and no one deserves that kind of thing to happen to them over an online game. I knew after being banned I would eventually be keen to return, as shown in my attempts via unban appeals. I was very very careful to keep a distance between myself and anything that could damage my attempts at being allowed back into the community. It seems that the paragraph I am referring to from Dannoo, simply points to the fact that I was in Vagos and so I am guilty by association. In my opinion this is the wrong approach. It’s stated time and time again appeals are dealt with on a case by case basis however I do not feel I have been treated as an individual in my appeals. On the final point in my denied appeal regarding a discord I was in with some ex-vagos members, the most blunt way I can reply to this is that it’s really not that deep. I had known these people for the best part of 2 or 3 years, spending a lot of time together in and out of RPUK. There is no secret banned group of people behind the scenes. As I said previously I’ve hopped in a discord and played a few games with some people, a discord that I have now not been a part of for 5 or 6 months as I often clear out my unused discords. By the same logic, anyone who has played games with me or shared a discord with me from the RPUK community since my ban is equally as bad as I am and should be punished for doing so if I am as bad as I have been made out to be in all of my previously denied appeals. This appeal is already quite long so I will briefly touch on comments made by TBJ in a ticket that was opened regarding me. Comments were made regarding the fact that people I am friends with may not have all of the information regarding my ban. Again this is false. I have been straight and up front since my very first appeal about the reasons I am banned and I certainly have no reason to lie to my friends about why I am banned. In terms of decisions needing to be made to protect the greater good of the server, I can fully appreciate and understand that. My only issue with that is, are these decisions being made based on my actions, or the collective actions of a group of 10+ people? I am in no way a danger or a threat to anyone who decides to play on RPUK and anyone that has known me for any length of time will know this is 100% true. I can agree, almost all of the people who were banned from Vagos should never be allowed back. They had crappy ban histories, the roleplay was often sub standard and “frag happy”, and they definitely behaved inappropriately after the bans had been put in place. It would be unfair however to place this firmly on my shoulders as I only ever acted in the best interest of the server and the Roleplay I was involved in (apart from my bans obviously) A lot has changed for me personally in the last 4 months. I have had a change in career which has seen me take on quite a serious and responsible job which can only reflect positively on my character as a person. This coupled with my personal life means that I no longer have time to commit full time to RPUK. I am looking at 3-4 sessions per week at varying times of the day at the most if I were to be unbanned. I have no intention of coming back and causing trouble as I never have in the past. I am looking for something to do in my down time to unwind and chill out and that’s about as far as it goes for me. Hopefully I can be given this chance and you will soon see it for yourself. As always I am happy to discuss anything further. Thanks, JB Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  6. Unban Appeal for AxstroManic In-game Name: Jay James Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198271850260 Ban ID: !!rpuk16155!! Reason given for your ban: G2.9 G3.5 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Me and one of my friends where stupidly creating new characters and sending each other some money. Why should we unban you ?: I think I speak on behalf of me and my friend when I say that we are very sorry and deeply regret what we did. We have both spent quite a few hours on the game just grinding and having fun and to be honest neither of us thought that creating a new character and trying that would even work but that is still no excuse we should have never even tried it in the first place. This server is easly the best Fivem server i have played on and i know i haven't played on loads of them but ive played enough to learn that most of the community's don't acc want to rp and the staff are never there to help out with issues, but i have found that in this server its completely different and I don't want to be stopped from playing in it because of a stupid mistake. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  7. Unban Appeal for OrangeGT In-game Name: Michael Milton Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199406844237 Ban ID: !!rpuk16050!! Reason given for your ban: G2.9 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I transferred items(coke in exchange for money) from one character to another witch is prohibited by the rules, G2.9 specifically. Why should we unban you ?: I understand that I violated the rule regarding the transfer of items between characters (G2.9), and I sincerely apologize for what I did. I know that not reading the rules doesn't justify my wrong doings. I would like to provide some context for my actions (I am aware that doesn't justify them). My thought process was that if I "pay myself" for the items it would be acceptable which it clearly is not and I'm again sorry for what I did. Thus I assure you that what I did was not intended to disrupt the game economy/balance. It was a misunderstanding on my part. I have since familiarized myself with the rules and guidelines, and I am committed to abiding by them. I really enjoy RPUK, I think I must be over 150h in, in the past 2 months. I already miss all the people I used to talk to over there, even though it's only been an hour. I kindly request that you reconsider my ban, and allow me another chance to join the server. I am more than willing to comply with any additional measures or restrictions deemed necessary to ensure fair play and thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. I hope It wasn't too long. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  8. Unban Appeal for Ray oneill In-game Name: ray oneill Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 7656119944760362 Ban ID: !!rpuk12277!! Reason given for your ban: G2.6 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i broke the game rules Why should we unban you ?: I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere apologies for my actions that led to my recent ban from the game. I fully understand and acknowledge that I violated the rules, and I take full responsibility for my behavior . In hindsight, I realize that my actions were not only against the established guidelines but also had a negative impact on the gaming community, including fellow players and the overall integrity of the game environment. I am genuinely sorry for any frustration or inconvenience my actions may have caused. I have taken the time to reflect on my behavior and have gained a better understanding of the rules I violated. Moving forward, I am committed to adhering strictly to the game's guidelines and ensuring a positive and fair gaming experience for myself and others.To prevent any future violations, I have taken proactive steps to educate myself further about the game's rules and guidelines. I am open to any additional resources or information you may recommend to ensure a more informed and responsible gaming experience .I sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of the game administrators in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. I am fully committed to earning back the trust of the community and ensuring that my future actions contribute positively to the overall gaming experience. I understand that consequences are a part of my actions, and I am prepared to accept any penalties deemed appropriate by the game administration. I kindly request your consideration for an unban, with the assurance that I have learned from this experience and will strive to be a responsible and respectful member of the community. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  9. Unban Appeal for Rastafari In-game Name: Koi Leen Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561197993079379 Ban ID: !!rpuk15793!! Reason given for your ban: G3.5 , G2.9 , C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because i did a really stupid thing especially when i got nothing out of it I just being bored and was not thinking while i did that Made myself lose an character i was working for so long with such a nice RP ... I've took money from my 2 other characters that i was about to delete because im not playing them anymore and put that money in my container so my "Koi" character can take it But about the C2.2 rule i have no idea what i did that the admin thought im using exploit i dont even know any exploits never used them never had that idea and i dont even know why am i accused of exploiting anything Why should we unban you ?: I never had any bans or anything close to it.. always had that straight RP thinking I'm 33 years old and i do understand what i did and that ill never be weak again to do anything stupid like this.. Had a moment that now im paying for it. For real im not trying to make it look beautiful its something stupid that i did and i know that i need to eat that shame but you can trust me that it would never happen again , im part of the community since 2014 and i never had any ban issues even since Altis Life. Hope you understand me <3 Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  10. Unban Appeal for YacobBarbar In-game Name: Yacob Barbar Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198075460870 Ban ID: !!rpuk15990!! Reason given for your ban: C1.7 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I believe I was banned for not coming forward with relevant information for a situation involving staff and other individuals. Why should we unban you ?: Hello, Firstly I would like to apologize for wasting both mine and staffs time, this could of been easily resolved had I just co-operated with staff. It was a silly decision for myself to make and for that I do apologize. I did try to help staff, I asked in the discord who did actually carry but I had no response so I basically just forgot about it. I should of been more persistent and tried my absolute best to help staff instead of just asking once and then forgetting about it, had I tried harder this all could of been resolved with much less effort and it would of been easier for myself and the staff team. I have been here for 3+ years and I would say I have a fairly clean record for the amount of time I've been here. I have never had a permanent ban and I do always try my hardest to provide high quality RP, follow the rules and I would say that I am a good addition to the community. Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  11. Unban Appeal for Ravi In-game Name: Ravi Labile Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198349123038 Ban ID: !!rpuk15988!! Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned due to having no evidence to prove that I had not exploited when picking a gang member up. I was banned as the door for those inside was closed whilst for myself and everyone else outside (barring 1 person) it was open, I believe this was due to desync. Why should we unban you ?: It’s sad to see myself here again. Unfortunately, a report went up accusing me of exploiting and I had no evidence to prove my innocence. As I stated in the response to the report I did not have a clip from POV to back myself up. I said in the response to the report “Unfortunately, I have no clip of this as again for me and all the other Aztecas outside the door was open so I saw no reason to clip it”. This is still the fact of the matter. Whilst looking through my session recording the night before the report went up, which was prompted by a conversation happening between other Aztecas I very quickly took a very small clip (29ish seconds) and took a screenshot of what I believed to be a very clear image of the door being open. I sent this to the conversation (as stated in my reply on the report) and disregarded the clip in it's entirety as I had no reason to keep it at the time having not been asked to liaise or any other comments in /ooc other than 1 message to say the door was closed after I had already grabbed Larry. I went back to look at the session recording as a whole and take other clips that I wanted. Whilst the clips were uploading I deleted the session recording as I felt no need to keep it as I had no idea about the report until the next day. Session recordings can take up a lot of memory so I never keep them once I have what I want from them. After I had deleted the session recording and all the clips had uploaded, I then went back to watch the clips and they had all corrupted. I was unable to watch them. I then deleted these too as I had no reason to keep clips that I could not watch or do anything with, they were useless. This left me with just the screenshot. It was the next day, after I had already deleted the session recording and the corrupted clips that the report went up, this is when I sent the screenshot I had to Donny as this is all the evidence I had. I again had no idea that a report would be made as there was no effort to offer a liaison or any other comments in /ooc. By this time all evidence that could prove my innocence, barring 1 screenshot, were already gone. As I said in the original report, and here, I had no reason to think I would need a clip of the door open as there was no indication that a report was going to be made. OneShot stated in the report that “we are unsure what the reason for you to delete this footage is” and I feel like I have already explained that. Once I got the clips I wanted from the session recording I had no reason to keep it as I had no idea a report would be made and it takes up a lot of memory. Once I then found out the clips I did get corrupted I deleted those too as I had no use for them, what am I going to do with corrupted clips I can’t watch? I understand it’s not ideal to be here again for the same rule break but I can only use what I have as evidence. I was unable to get a full clip once I deleted the session recording and the corrupted clips. It's unfortunate that Hammie, who states he was also on the outside couldn't clip it either as he was also having issues with medal. It would have been nice to see where on the outside he was as he states the door was closed for him with no evidence to back it but it could have easily been that he wasn't in render distance which we know is common for the server. I do honestly believe that what happened was purely desync and if we had been told earlier that the door wasn't opening for those on the inside when those inside could clearly hear all the shooting at the door then we as a group would have made a more conscious effort to ensure that the door was open for both sides prior to attempting to grab anyone. I understand there will be more questions and I am more than happy to answer them. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  12. Unban Appeal for Bandz In-game Name: Kane Brooks Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198827393434 Ban ID: !!rpuk16024!! Reason given for your ban: C1.7 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned under common sense for picking up Yacob through a supposedly "closed" door in the Lost MC clubhouse. I was put into a ticket and asked if I was the one that picked up Yacob, which I replied "Yes it was me". The reason I think I was banned was because I didn't come forward myself and admit I did it/didn't have any evidence of the situation. Why should we unban you ?: The reason I didn't come forward was because I did not see any issue with what I did. At the time of the situation, two members were downed right beside the door of the clubhouse. Numerous Aztecas were shooting the door keep it clearly open and I picked up Yacob. If I was to supposedly exploit and pick someone up through the door, it would be physically impossible as game mechanics doesn't let you pick up someone through a wall/door. Everyone knows how desync and buggy an MLO can be for people but I can tell you know Yacob was beside the door, it was shot open and he was picked up, as simple as that. Looking back at the situation, I can see where the Lost MC thought I was exploiting however, I wish it was made more evident to me that the door was closed for them. The only notification I received was after I had already left the scene. I did not find it necessary at the time to 'clip' anything because I thought both parties saw the same thing. Clearly this was not the case. I should be unbanned as I have been a long standing member in this community for over 3 years now and my last ban where I messed up was a very long time ago, 2022 is I not mistaken. I know I can roleplay and have done so throughout my time on the server and I know other people can agree with me on that so I feel I deserve to be unbanned. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  13. Unban Appeal for Mr_Mansa In-game Name: bob Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198452146591 Ban ID: rpuk14974 Reason given for your ban: c2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: this is a continuation from the last appeal due to it being timed out Why should we unban you ?: I would first try not to get into scenes if I know I have to get of soon or just straight up don't play the server. or I would let the people involved know ooc that I have to leave but they can loot me and hopefully that would be ok with them. and finally let a staff member know that I have to leave to make them aware that I am not rage quitting or combat logging. I can not think of anymore steps to this and I believe they are the right way about going about the situation. cheers for reading Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  14. Unban Appeal for LizzieBoy In-game Name: Tyron Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198147008846 Ban ID: !!rpuk10412!! Reason given for your ban: C2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: So basically one year ago when I was still very new to roleplaying in GTA I tried my best to learn basics and how to do it properly. There was this one situation, a year ago now, where I was being chased by the police where I hit a rock and flew out of the window into the river where I got glitched. This is where the ones who roleplayed as police officers thought I had logged off to escape the chase which wasn't true, I was glitched into the river and didn't know what to do. I was doing this around 30 minutes before I had to go to work so when I saw that I wasn't going to get out of the glitch I had to logout to make it to work, I even arrived late that day. It's basically a misunderstanding. Why should we unban you ?: Like I mentioned above, when this happened it was at the start of my journey within roleplaying. I haven't been roleplaying ever since, until me and my three friends moved together into a house and one of my friends (who never played roleplay in GTA 5, only in SA:MP) came with the idea to download GTA 5 because he wanted to play roleplay again. I immediately suggested your server as I thought that I had been unbanned, so we went on all of us and started playing and we had a lot of fun. The next day when we went on the server, I and 2 of my friends got banned and I think it's because we are in the same house playing with the same IP's. One of my friends never got banned but maybe because he bought a brand new computer and I don't really know how you guys check whether somebody has been banned before or not. Now, to the reason I want you to unban me (and my two other friends on the same IP) is because one year later we have became more mature and we really want to do this for real by roleplaying 100% and following all of your rules. If you give me one more chance, I will prove to you that you won't regret it by becoming a very valuable member of your server. I have my own company now and I even hired a few employees to outsource some of my work so I could free up my time to play this server. You can check my history, I have never been trying to play any other server beside this and I think I will delete my GTA5 if this doesn't go through which would be very sad. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  15. Unban Appeal for Matthew Labile In-game Name: Matthew Labile Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 7656199154044237 Ban ID: !!rpuk16085!! Reason given for your ban: g1.2 RDM and g1.7 Community leader In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Hello, first of all thank you for taking time out of your day to read over my appeal. Right now I'm unsure if I should go into detail on the few bans leading up to my permanent ban or just the most recent one, so I will explain my most recent one. Aztecas and Cutlass had been in a war for countless months, to the point I had actually got mixed up with the war rules to my knowledge we could kill on sight as long as both parties was in there whitelisted clothing, however this definitely was not the case hence my ban. I'm unsure how I got mixed up with what the rules are, probably due to the fact Cutlass chopped and changed there minds on war rules in what felt like every other day and a few disagreements between parties on what the war rules actually should be, but in the end it was me who made a mistake and I'm more than prepared to own up to and use this platform in order to say to Cutlass I apologise for my rule break, I know how much annoyance a rule break can bring when on the server and sometimes it can really ruin your mood, so I do apologies I'm sorry you had to put up with a rule break from myself, I can only try and always have a understanding with war rules to ensure that this doesn't happen again. Why should we unban you ?: Now I know this isn't the first time I've answered this but hopefully it will be the last, I would greatly appreciate another chance here to show I'm capable of being a rule abiding player, I believe I have shown positive progression since my last permanent ban was well over a year ago, so I know I can definitely stick to rules but unfortunately sometimes I make mistakes or a lapse in judgement for that I can only apologise. I've been on the server now for I believe 3 years? I know more than anyone I should definitely being doing better than I have done, I don't have the best ban history, in fact I think it maybe one of the worst in terms of server bans but I know I am more than capable of providing high quality roleplay and funny role-play scenarios for all parties involved, it's what I enjoyed so much throughout my time on the server as well as helping newer players in what phrases to say instead of breaking rp or pointing them in the right direction to ensure they have a good time on the server but also a positive influence in there role-play scenarios. So to answer your question straight up on why I feel I deserve another chance is because I know I can be a positive member of this community and I feel most of that is done in game, I do really feel that other players enjoy my role-play and my humour and I am also quite fond of others role-play. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  16. Unban Appeal for Judgeyy06 In-game Name: George Judge Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198392339209 Ban ID: rpuk#4800 Reason given for your ban: PEGI, Common Sense and Ban Evading. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned, approaching 3 years ago, for admitting that I was underage, At the time. Which I was. From what I remember, As it is all a haze given how long ago it was, I was arguing about the server having issues with allowing players into the server, I suggested that I may be able to help (Now seems a very silly thing to say in the first place as I never had looked at any sort of FiveM server files or code) In the same conversation I admitted that I was 15. I was banned almost instantaneously, quite rightly. I made multiple pathetic attempts to get back into the server at the time, Even claiming that I was above the age of 20 and that I was drunk at the time, which having now matured can see and laugh at, They were laughable attempts and were not going to get me anywhere with getting back onto the server. However, About a year and a half, after multiple attempts at lying to the staff and being continuously denied, I took it upon myself to avoid the ban, Which I regret deeply, As, You guys have no reason to want to give me another chance, or trust me again however I am still putting in the appeals due to how much I genuinely miss the community, even if it was for such a short amount of time. The ban evading as well as the previous appeals filled with lies, Excluding the last 2, leaves me between a rock and a hard place with my chances of getting back into the server, Which I completely have brought upon myself and have no one other than myself to blame. I am still now completely apologetic for this. Why should we unban you ?: As mentioned in my previous appeals, I have turned 18 (20th July 2023), Despite my pathetic claims in previous appeals, Which I still am deeply apologetic for, Not only for lying but for wasting the time out of your days. I would also like to apologize for appealing back in early January, This was a genuine mistake, I thought the 3 months would be November, December, and January which is why I posted an appeal, Again, Sorry for wasting your time. I would like to talk about the ban evading in late 2022/early 2023. The reason in which I took it upon myself to do this was that I missed playing the server and being involved in the community, Even though my time in the server previously was short, I still enjoyed it a lot. I, At the time, Could not see the light at the end of the tunnel with being unbanned legitimately and made the mistake which I would later regret, Which was to ban evade, I did this by creating a new discord account. (Johnyyboyy#5724) and a new Steam account (mikeoxmall9). I managed to log into the server but rarely played. My alt discord account was then spotted in a discord call (I was muted and dead in the hospital, In a discord call with a few other friends, One of which in the server). This was spotted in a player report made by my friend, who was also on the server, He was banned for metagaming, and my alt discord and accounts were linked to this one, and I was banned with immediate effect. I want to mention that this discord account has since been disabled due to it being hacked, and invites to discord servers being sent to everyone that I had previously messaged, as well as in every channel of every discord server I was in. The discord that was banned originally has the username geo.5 and the display name of Geo5. At the time of my ban (I have since had a friend of mine look back at the time of when I was originally banned) Judgeyy06, Identically to my forum account, This was found out due to somebody copying a message I had sent, Which contained the time and my full name at the time, This was an issue last time as my current name and suggestions were not popping up on the banned list from the discord, (I needed unbanning from the discord to find my full ban ID, Which I am still under the impression is rpuk#4800). The reasoning behind me sharing my screen in the discord call (during my ban evading period) was that I was having issues in the game, and rather than requesting admin assistance, I shared my screen so that my friends could see the issue and suggest a potential fix. This was not used by my friend who was currently in the server in any way. My previous appeals, Apart from the last 2, Were filled with lies for the majority, Much to my regret. I was just so desperate to play the server again, and being a 15/16-year-old lad, I tried everything and did not think about the wider picture, and how I would be portrayed in the future, and to be honest, How embarrassing it is, and was at the time. The appeals alone show how immature at the time I was, But I am hoping that the staff and admin team will allow me to prove that things have changed majorly since, I know this will be no easy task but I hope that there is a shot that I could be considered for a second chance with the server and staff. I can accept that at the time of my ban, I was an immature 15/16-year-old, Who made embarrassing attempts at being unbanned and who made the awful decision of attempting to evade my ban. I completely and utterly understand that it was and still is unacceptable, and I am deeply apologetic for it, Wasting your time and lying to you. I hope that it can be taken into consideration that I have appealed my ban at every opportunity since I was banned that I am here to try and begin to make amends genuinely and that I am not lying anymore. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this appeal Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  17. Unban Appeal for Ha35an In-game Name: haso salmon Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199390130002 Ban ID: !!rpuk15557!! Reason given for your ban: Transferring money or items between your own characters is not allowed by any method. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i was banned for tranferring money between characters with the help of a friend Why should we unban you ?: i think you should unban me because i am truly sorry i regret doing this, i have been out of city for a month now and there just isnt any cities i like as much as this one. i was an idiot for doing what i did and i can ensure you i wont do this again. i was doing so well i got a job in nhs i was so stupid for trying to get away with tranferring money. i am truely sorry and look forward to hearing from you Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  18. Unban Appeal for reeeoso In-game Name: Jimbo Reed Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199013540784 Ban ID: !!rpuk11190!! Reason given for your ban: Combatlog/PEGI In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: It was originally combat log but was updated to PEGI not long after Why should we unban you ?: I understand my history on RPUK is shocking and i've had my chances but after a year of being banned i'm still here opening ban appeals because i truly do care about this server, in my previous ban appeals i have been shown my history and looking at it now i understand the reason ur not willing to unban me however after meeting people on the server and making friends on RPUK i was shown what rp could become and how fun it can be, after being unbanned for RDM on 13.08.22 for 3 months the only rules i broke was loitering and ooc chat abuse i did really try to stay away from common mistakes i make like acting out of anger or just being stupid because im bored and wanted something to do and then i broke C2.3 combat log and was banned now a couple months later i made a ticket and was told my ban is being updated to PEGI due what i believe is something i said in game about my age at the time of my ban being updated to PEGI i was 17 turning 18 that year, i was stupid really i knew u had to be 18 but after meeting some people and it becoming really fun i just enjoyed rping it went from being something i done out of boredom to something i actually enjoyed so i continued playing until 27.12.22 when i was banned i am sorry for breaking this rule but apart from that there is nothing to say that i haven't already said but i can promise u if i do get unbanned u will see a new person thank you. if some things don't make sense please tell me and ill try explain better. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  19. Unban Appeal for mattmez96 In-game Name: Matthew mez Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199610259306 Ban ID: g2.9 Reason given for your ban: Helping friend transfer money In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Helped my friend transfer some money from one account to another (70k) ish I believe. Why should we unban you ?: I have had roughly a month out of the city for me being very stupid by transferring money. Wich I regret deeply, this server was the only one I liked playing, and I messed it up with transferring money to accounts, I think I should be unbanned because I believe I was good at serious roleplay, I got along with alot of people, I manged to bag myself a job in the fire department, and to be fair I miss the city I really do, I know I could sit here and chew your ear off with a load of bull, but honestly I am sorry that I transfered money, I know/knew it was wrong, thinking maybe I can get away with it. I know the consequences for my actions. I do want to try and get back in the city, if I would be accepted back and unbanned, and if I was unbanned I would forever be thankful to you guys, and I would go by the book and be the best character in city that I could be without breaking any rules. Thank you for taking time in reading and I will respect your decision. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you Matthew mez. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  20. Unban Appeal for Axis24 In-game Name: Ben Elias Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199160959720 Ban ID: N/A Reason given for your ban: IRL Money Trades In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for trading in game items for IRL money Why should we unban you ?: Hey Staff hope your all well, Firstly i would like to greatly apologise for my actions. There were childish, wrong and selfish. I can assure you this will never happen again. At the time i wasn't thinking about anyone else and the ramifications of my actions towards other players and to be fair the TS calls made me realize that. I am genuinely very sorry for my actions and appreciate a chance to appeal. I recognise by only thinking about my self i took away opportunities, fun, items and experiences from other players and i can only extend my apologizes. I have to admit it did take a TS with staff but i am fully aware and the time I have spent banned has allowed me to think on my actions and now I can see that my actions were wrong i have to except my actions can have consequences. I have made sure to read the rules again and will make sure I wont do the same mistake a second time, it was wrong of me for doing it and I fully take the blame for my actions. Moving forward i know not to do this did again and i want to be a positive person in the community. I have never been banned for any RP break and i feel my RP has always been to a high standard. I want to come back and make things right. Be a better person for the community. I have really missed my friends in city and i can assure you i will never do this again as i don't want to miss more time away from my friends and other in the community. I will make sure that i commit myself to staying within the rules and playing fairly to provide everyone in the city with the same fair chance i have. I know what i done was wrong. I genuinely am so sorry for doing it. This wont happen again. Thank you, Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  21. Unban Appeal for Rouble In-game Name: Rouble Likmyov Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199013085985 Ban ID: !!rpuk16027!! Reason given for your ban: RMT In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Hello to the staff member who will be reviewing this appeal, I was banned because I RMT’ed back in the summer of 2021. I paid someone (char name Mikey Grey) 100 pounds for him to give me 1 million pounds on the server, I transferred the money via PayPal. I cheated and there’s no excuse for it, I was lazy and didn’t want to grind for the money in game, so I just paid someone to send me the money. My thought process was “I’m lazy and I can’t be bothered to grind all the hours to make the money”. I knew it was wrong and against the rules at the time, I decided to do it anyway. I despise it when others cheat in other games that I play, but I did the same thing. I was 19 at the time and it has been found out that 100 pounds to me isn’t a lot of money, and I can’t remember if I was offered to RMT or if I offered to RMT. Anyway, I did what I did, and I regret doing it. I’ve only ever done it once and as soon as I sent those 100 pounds, I realised I just wasted money on in game items that I will never recoup, I could’ve bought some CS skins instead and recoup some of the money when I sold those skins back. I didn’t bring this up earlier to staff members because I knew I would get banned, and I got away with it for almost 3 years and thought that if I ever get caught then I’ll be honest but if I don’t then I won’t say anything. I’ve been caught. I never RMT’ed after that time and am not planning to in the future. Why should we unban you ?: I think I’ve provided a good amount of roleplay scenarios through my various characters. My record is fairly clean with a few hiccups here and there and I’ve never received a permanent ban besides this one. I believe my other 3 bans were the first month or two that I joined the server which were 1 day and 2 day bans, and my latest ban was sometime early 2023 where I got a 1 day ban. I’ve been very rarely called to liaison and don’t cause issues in general whether its to players while in game or to people outside of the game. I know its disappointing for many staff members to see an appeal from me especially Bowen, but I’ve broken a rule and here I am. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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