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  1. The suggestion: Allow players to insert and remove earplugs while they're downed and waiting for a medic. Why would you implement it: - It increases the chances for RolePlay: oftentimes people die nearby vehicles, aircrafts or busy roads with lots of noises hence decreasing the possibilities for RolePlay - It can easily be implemented and doesn't require mods Who would benefit from it: All players, whether it's Police, NHS, civ or rebel. Everyone deserves a chance to RolePlay without getting interrupted by the noises surrounding the area
  2. The storm was coming and cleared the blue skies that day... It was a Thursday evening around half past 7 (PM) in the evening. There was a therapist who had booked a flight to Turkey because of his work. He had a bus that would bring him to the border of Iraq and so on with a guide in company travelled to Basrah because of a psychologically disturbed patient. He read in a newspaper that he received at the airport; about unrest on an island near Turkey called 'Cyprus'; that a civil war has broken out and he thought to himself, ' if I do not go near that area, it is safe for me. ' Moments later,
  3. Hello there, fellas. I am interested in buying a fine house with a great view with a garage next to it. I have money, so don't be shy to get back on me with your house and offer. Pictures are also very welcome.
  4. Intro: As Malden and Altis will be in sync, this would mean that if you own the maximum amount of houses on Altis, you wouldn't be able to buy a house on malden, without selling yours on Altis. Now, keeping the properties separate from the maps, allowing a person to have 3 houses per map would be quite ridiculous. My situation: I own a house with a garage next to it, and own another house somewhere else which is basically useless as I hardly store anything in any of my houses. I just like to have at least a house and a garage next to each other so I can spawn there and possibly rp that I
  5. Your Mayor - Your Work - Your Success. Gentlemen, I am working around the clock to ensure that we build a more transparent, clear and better Altis for all. I am clamping down on corrupt police officers to drain the swamp and make the police a truly united entity to protect Altis and consistently going around the Island to meet hard working civilians, even rebels, so we can make sure we cooperate and push down crime. I have uploaded a few photographs of my experiences meeting people, sharing my campaign and having people rush up to me, thanking me for my leadership. If you
  6. Altis' strongest man has been found! Either that or a bird... Maybe Arnold off duty?
  7. NHS Budget Cuts The NHS Budget Cuts have gotten to the point where they now rely on volunteers to keep patients alive whilst the astronomically high waiting times continue to rise Above: 8 People in need of immediate medical care are kept waiting whilst some good Samaritans keep them alive, propping them up with blood bags Above: More people arrive at the A&E Department on stretchers, carried by volunteers; the medic had finally gone off-duty, allowing them to begin defibbrilations Above: A tribute is payed to all those that helped ke
  8. Is there a altis new profession?
  9. This post will act as a place for us to share work in progress features which may never see the live servers, or may become the next big thing here at RPUK. As said above. Nothing here is final or is confirmed to be an upcoming feature, some items posted here may simply be prototypes of new systems, or just us testing out what ArmA can do. Feel free to make any comments though, suggestions will always be appreciated and may be credited depending on the size of the contribution (at our discretion, of course.) First - The new RPUK HUD: The text in the bottom left corne
  10. https://youtu.be/nk6lTVjwQ8I
  11. Hi ha ho! So I was thinking with all the creative people we got around here, wouldn't it be amazing to introduce a (temporary) green screen on the island! I can all ready image the hilarious video's/images coming.... A hobo driving his quad bike in the middle of new york? Two people doing the ''piss animation'' from a high building? Simply just posing with your friends/gang/people around you and adding a funny/original background to it would all ready be cool! Think about the possibilities... Shouldn't be really hard to add, it can be just temporary and about the size of a HEMMT Box?
  12. So I got to the Altis News. Unfortunately I did not see anyone there. I think that everyone has the day off. Or I think that no one is working at the center. I think that I can take care of a few things and do a few articles about the island. I'm sad because I do not have the facilities to work. Useful for several computers, a desk and typewriter. Handy will also have access to the Internet. This topic looking for a sponsor to fully equip a reporter room. It will be nice if someone would help. Regards hofo
  13. Biography: Yuri Vladimirovich Kostofv was born in the Soviet Union, in Saratov, 1971. His father was a commanding officer in the Red Army, his mother a literature teacher at the local school. Yuri’s grandfather fought in Stalingrad as a field officer, and was one of the primary officers who took back the city from Nazi claws. He was later exiled to a Siberian gulag, where he died in a riot after the prisoners killed the wardens and burnt the armory to the ground. Yuri enlisted in the Red Army when he was only sixteen, and spent the next year or so as a combat medic for operations carried
  14. Altis Marine Operations are offering their services to the public! AMO Are a group specialising in the marine diving operations around the shores of Altis. We have decided to expand out services, and offer them to the public in need of some high grossing labor! Details are below! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING SERVICE THEN PLEASE MESSAGE ME! Or text me in game @Dora Raymen Service: Clams *Pricing details* A deposit of £2500 is required for the diving gear you will be given. 1 run is £30'000 Per seat 2 runs is £50'000 3 Or more runs will depend on t
  15. I think we should add political parties that can be made by players. Consisting of maybe like 4-6 players each they would work just like real parties. There would be an election every 2 weeks or so. I believe there already is some kind of mayor system altough this system would make things alot more interesting. This could also make opportunities for roleplay maybe talking to someone about politics, which party he voted for and why? It would function so every player can make a party on a special page on the forum that would be made. Then after the parties has been made the admins would quickly
  16. We are looking for a full news team on server #1. We are looking for good drivers and pilots. You must have a mic and must be okay with being on record. Reply to sign up.
  17. Sprat

    Altis Got Talent

    I saw there is an X-Factor event, so why don't we do a Altis Got Talent event? so somebody that doesn't know how to sing can show their self in something different.
  18. Hey there! Personally, I love checkpoint operations, I think that they can bring some fantastic RP if done right and can certainly make the job of rebel forces harder. Unfortunately with only 2 police checkpoints on the map doing any sort of checkpoint RP can be a bit tiresome as the locations can be empty for long periods of time. I suggest that we add another checkpoint of which I took the liberty of designing :P MAP VIEW: (Click me for full-size image) The checkpoint has been positioned with a fair game in mind. Not only are there several hills nearby which could be used
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