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Found 80 results

  1. CSI Creebles

    Earplugs: insert/remove while downed

    The suggestion: Allow players to insert and remove earplugs while they're downed and waiting for a medic. Why would you implement it: - It increases the chances for RolePlay: oftentimes people die nearby vehicles, aircrafts or busy roads with lots of noises hence decreasing the possibilities for RolePlay - It can easily be implemented and doesn't require mods Who would benefit from it: All players, whether it's Police, NHS, civ or rebel. Everyone deserves a chance to RolePlay without getting interrupted by the noises surrounding the area
  2. The storm was coming and cleared the blue skies that day... It was a Thursday evening around half past 7 (PM) in the evening. There was a therapist who had booked a flight to Turkey because of his work. He had a bus that would bring him to the border of Iraq and so on with a guide in company travelled to Basrah because of a psychologically disturbed patient. He read in a newspaper that he received at the airport; about unrest on an island near Turkey called 'Cyprus'; that a civil war has broken out and he thought to himself, ' if I do not go near that area, it is safe for me. ' Moments later, he stepped on the plane that flew his route. An hour later, by when his flight departed, the therapist fell asleep in his chair by the fatigue that he had carried away on the road. He woke up because of a number of people who were yelling in the back and soon after followed a rifle shot. The therapist thought to himself that it was safer not to interfere with the hassle that was happening in the back of the plane. From a mirror he had, he could see in a corner what was going on behind him. He followed the conversation a while with it. The therapist saw a man running from the spot to the front with an AK, it seemed, in his hands to the cockpit to make demands at the pilots. The therapist stuck his leg out to the aisle and the man stumbled and his rifle slided towards the side of the walkpath. The therapist quickly tied the shady man down with one of the emergency breathing devices found above the passengers' heads. The therapist asked him why he would do something awfull. And the man answered: 'It is my mind that gave me my blessings!'. The therapist knew he found himself another patient who had a psycotic mind. The cruel man went crazy and few moments later he got knocked out by the therapist who slapped him with his shoe. The therapist went to the cockpit to check upon the pilots and they were gone. Just like that. Completely gone. The therapist yelled at the passengers to fasten their seatbelts as the plane got out of balance and started tumbling across its own axis. Then everything went black... He heard birds crying for food and the water that slapped itself against a rock. He felt wind that went through his hair. The therapist woke up and looked around him. He sat still in his chair with his safety belt around him - he laughed follwing with a cheer - as he clicked himself loose gently. The man did not know where he was. The therapist saw that the plane that he flew with, got ripped and from tail to head landed kilometers of each other. His life was spared; he tought amazed. He saw human pieces all over the place after which he had to vomit. He was looking for any sign of survivors but found none after half an hour searching... He gave up and walked out with disturbed thoughts further away from the wreck. After hours of walking, he found a town called Athira; that was written on a sign that he just passed by. He came at a house where there was light and knocked on the door. A woman opened the door as the therapist fell on the ground of fatigue. She took him inside and took care of him, after which he later woke up with a bandage on his head with alot of blood on it. He was laying in a seat, he saw no one around himself. The therapist stood up and began to search the house. He saw a light burning in one of the rooms and there was a shadow that moved. He walked on his toes to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife that he saw and followed in the room where he saw the shadow. He saw a man and the therapist went behind him and sliced his throat open and the man slowly bled to death. The woman who treated him, ran outside of fear and he placed his victim on a chair and sat in front of the man he just murdered. He started a therapy session with the dead man as the therapist lost his mind at the crash site. He then had a psycotic mind himself. He began to speak with his dead patient and ended his session with hanging the man at their chandelier of the couple's bedroom... Moments later it crumbled from Police Officers that had surrounded the house as it became a crime scene. The Officers stormed the house but no sign of life was seen. He did leave a Note on the wall written in the victims blood saying: 'He is now purified from the sins he commited.'; ending with a bloody smileyface. The PD prepaired a public hunt for the psyco therapist and it was soon known all over the island of Altis but the therapist was never seen since then ever again...
  3. Hello there, fellas. I am interested in buying a fine house with a great view with a garage next to it. I have money, so don't be shy to get back on me with your house and offer. Pictures are also very welcome.
  5. Intro: As Malden and Altis will be in sync, this would mean that if you own the maximum amount of houses on Altis, you wouldn't be able to buy a house on malden, without selling yours on Altis. Now, keeping the properties separate from the maps, allowing a person to have 3 houses per map would be quite ridiculous. My situation: I own a house with a garage next to it, and own another house somewhere else which is basically useless as I hardly store anything in any of my houses. I just like to have at least a house and a garage next to each other so I can spawn there and possibly rp that I live there etc. Suggestion: What i'd like to suggest, based on my situation, is this: Increasing the maximum properties to the amount of 4, allowing a person to have a house and garage on both maps: (house + garage on Altis, and house and garage on Malden). How will this be done: There is probably a reason why the max is 3, as if you would increase it, it would be quite ridiculous to have for one person, as the player base is so big. Now 3 is definitely enough, wouldn't disagree with that, but it's a bit of a bugger with the new map coming as you can't own a house + garage on both servers if you would want that. Now just increasing the maximum amount to 4 is not what I a suggesting. I am suggesting that the maximum will be increased to 4, with the restriction that you can only own 3 properties (current max) per map. Examples: 1. You can own 3 houses on Altis and 1 on Malden, 2. You can own 2 houses on Altis and 2 on Malden, 3. You can own 1 house on Altis and 3 on Malden. Edit: 1. Would allow someone who wants to keep all of their houses on Altis, to buy a property on Malden, that way they don't have to break 2.11 to store some stuff in their house in Altis and then come back and continue playing on Malden. 2. Would be the perfect set-up for someone like me, who likes to have their house for rp purposes, or as spawnpoint with access to their vehicles. 3. Is the same as the fist one, but then for people, who will mainly play on Malden. This would all come towards the players with a positive influence and experience as they can at least store their hat collections on both maps if they already have the maximum of houses on one map. This automatically eliminates people from breaking 2.11 to store valuables in their house on the other map. This all just comes for the price of upping the maximum by one, ensuring that people don't have to many properties, but also the possibility for them to store on both maps. Why should this be implemented: I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one that would like a house with a garage next to it on both maps (if they are planning on playing both maps). From my experience, I just really like the way where I can spawn at my house, walk out and take out a car from the garage next to my house, it just gives you the feeling that you actually live there (from an rp perspective). I mean otherwise it would only be a house used as a boring storage point. It would give the opportunity to people to keep their house with garage on one map, and get them the same on the other + it changes nothing for the people who don't want it as the maximum per map is still 3. You could argue that some people could use that one house on malden as storage space for important stuff and hardly log on on that map, but this can be done with the current maximum as well. Changes in the code: The only thing that should be a thing to think about is the restriction, that a person can only own 3 properties per map. Raising the max is just changing the value of an int (I assume). Thank you for reading, signed, Palm.
  6. Your Mayor - Your Work - Your Success. Gentlemen, I am working around the clock to ensure that we build a more transparent, clear and better Altis for all. I am clamping down on corrupt police officers to drain the swamp and make the police a truly united entity to protect Altis and consistently going around the Island to meet hard working civilians, even rebels, so we can make sure we cooperate and push down crime. I have uploaded a few photographs of my experiences meeting people, sharing my campaign and having people rush up to me, thanking me for my leadership. If you keep an eye out for the Mayor car, you will probably see the Escort first, please feel free to come and greet us. Thank you, citizens of Altis, a great future awaits us! Working with citizens to ensure that we get the best future, explaining my policies, creating more transparency. Surrounded by my 24/7 Personal Police Protection team, I greet voters and pollers, wishing them a good day before returning back to my Mayor Vehicle. Local officers and civilians ask for photos and autographs from the Mayor, before offering to be an addition to my Personal Protection Team (PPT). I am escorted to the Metal Exports to meet traders and hard working civilians that contribute to our robust economy, so we can boost both small and big business.
  7. Mecidon

    Altis' Strongest man FOUND!

    Altis' strongest man has been found! Either that or a bird... Maybe Arnold off duty?
  8. NHS Budget Cuts The NHS Budget Cuts have gotten to the point where they now rely on volunteers to keep patients alive whilst the astronomically high waiting times continue to rise Above: 8 People in need of immediate medical care are kept waiting whilst some good Samaritans keep them alive, propping them up with blood bags Above: More people arrive at the A&E Department on stretchers, carried by volunteers; the medic had finally gone off-duty, allowing them to begin defibbrilations Above: A tribute is payed to all those that helped keep people alive and get them back up - no NHS needed.
  9. Tadeusz Triton

    Altis news

    Is there a altis new profession?
  10. Ciaran

    [DEV TEAM] Development Previews

    This post will act as a place for us to share work in progress features which may never see the live servers, or may become the next big thing here at RPUK. As said above. Nothing here is final or is confirmed to be an upcoming feature, some items posted here may simply be prototypes of new systems, or just us testing out what ArmA can do. Feel free to make any comments though, suggestions will always be appreciated and may be credited depending on the size of the contribution (at our discretion, of course.) First - The new RPUK HUD: The text in the bottom left corner shows us some info which should be useful when looking at player's screenshots. The icons located above the text in the bottom left corner are status icons, they will always be anchored to the side. Meaning that if for example, the wanted icon isn't currently showing, the message icon will take the place of it. On screen currently from left to right (but not the only possible icons!): Wanted Icon Unread Message Icon Low Food Icon The bottom right bars are based off a design that was in the old Framework files, which you may (or may have not) seen yet in videos/images of it. (Please note that "Water" will most likely be replaced with "Thirst" before release.)
  11. CSI LastNickLeft

    Join us today - Altis Police

  12. ThomasJ

    Green Screen on Altis

    Hi ha ho! So I was thinking with all the creative people we got around here, wouldn't it be amazing to introduce a (temporary) green screen on the island! I can all ready image the hilarious video's/images coming.... A hobo driving his quad bike in the middle of new york? Two people doing the ''piss animation'' from a high building? Simply just posing with your friends/gang/people around you and adding a funny/original background to it would all ready be cool! Think about the possibilities... Shouldn't be really hard to add, it can be just temporary and about the size of a HEMMT Box? What you guys think? Baked Potato
  13. HoFo

    Altis News

    So I got to the Altis News. Unfortunately I did not see anyone there. I think that everyone has the day off. Or I think that no one is working at the center. I think that I can take care of a few things and do a few articles about the island. I'm sad because I do not have the facilities to work. Useful for several computers, a desk and typewriter. Handy will also have access to the Internet. This topic looking for a sponsor to fully equip a reporter room. It will be nice if someone would help. Regards hofo
  14. Biography: Yuri Vladimirovich Kostofv was born in the Soviet Union, in Saratov, 1971. His father was a commanding officer in the Red Army, his mother a literature teacher at the local school. Yuri’s grandfather fought in Stalingrad as a field officer, and was one of the primary officers who took back the city from Nazi claws. He was later exiled to a Siberian gulag, where he died in a riot after the prisoners killed the wardens and burnt the armory to the ground. Yuri enlisted in the Red Army when he was only sixteen, and spent the next year or so as a combat medic for operations carried out by the Red Army. While active in Afghanistan, he successfully led his squadron into defeating a platoon of Mujahideen rebels outnumbered 2:1; he was awarded the Order of Kutuzov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and the Order of Suvorov for defeating a numerically larger enemy, successfully counter-attacking and liberating the area of Mujahideen presence. He was also awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky for showing resolute leadership and courage in the face of dire times. After the Soviet Union pulled out of Afghanistan, Kostofv was transferred into the Spetsnaz, now a form of commissar for his unit. He was included in several operations, many of them lost to the sands of time, and was promoted to Senior Sergeant shortly before the collapse of the Union. Yuri has been supposedly associated with the KGB for a short time. Yuri practices medicine outside his work, no longer using his skills in direct combat he chooses to utilize them in civilian life. He was transferred to Spetsgruppe “A” (Spetsnaz Alpha group) as a high ranking combat medic with his relative and favorite comrade Alexsandr Senaviev (See under for Military History). Throughout his life, Yuri has been at the scene of a large amount of terrorist attacks, including the assassination of Meir Kahane in New York, 1991. Today, Yuri travels across the world, training foreign operatives in field emergency medicine and support while also learning the different ways medical professionals deal with emergencies. Yuri has arrived to Altis after the NATO turmoil by order of the Kremlin, as part of the first historical instance of the Russian Federation sending any sort of aid to NATO territory. Yuri Vladimirovich Kostofv landed officially in Altis Airport at 23/02/2017 at 13:47 aboard flight 320. Psychological Profile: Yuri Vladimirovich Kostofv is a man who has been described as ‘cheery but serious’, retaining a calm and collected manner under stress in medical time trials. Yuri tends to see the silver lining in all events of his life, however is not blinded and realizes the realist perspective of the events at the same time. His comrades in the Red Army claimed that his presence soothed the wounded, his voice acting as a natural painkiller when he spoke to them. Meeting new people for Yuri is difficult, as his ambiguity is uncomfortable. Yuri has the habit of playing classical music during his civilian surgeries, ranging from Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers to Revel’s Bolero. Military Profile (Known Operations): - Joined the Red Army. (1987) - Fought in Afghanistan. (1987-89) - Transferred to Spetsnaz. (1989) - Awarded “People’s Doctor of the U.S.S.R.” medal for his distinguished medical service. - Integrated with the K.G.B (N/A) - Granted Red Star medal for his dedicated service, as well as the title “Hero of the People”, one of only 12 thousand soviets to receive the award. (1990) - Traveled to the U.S. under unknown reasons.(1991) - Training with G.S.G 9 (1992) - Training with G.I.G.N. (1993) - Assisting G.I.G.N. with defeating the G.I.A. on the Air France Flight 8969 (1994) - M.I.A. in the Middle East, operation designation “Pressure” authorized by the Kremlin (1994-1999) - Operation “Ptitsa Pesnya (Bird song)” is commissioned by the Kremlin, involving three ex-K.G.B. operatives in Turkey (2000) - Present at the 9/11 attacks, witnessing the attacks firsthand. (2001) - Active duty in Iraqi intelligence team sent by the Kremlin. (2001-06) - Trained briefly in the operation of military rescue helicopters. (2006-09) - Suspended briefly for disobedience, disobeyed commanding officer to save enemy wounded. (2009-2012) - Worked in a civilian medical clinic. (2009-13) - Commissioned by order of the Kremlin to support Russian ground forces in the Syrian conflict. (2013-15) - Took down ISIS weapons and explosives compound in operation designation “Desert Hound”, accompanied by a special task force team. (2016) - Sent by the Kremlin to Altis, an island nation as part of a NATO relief program, he was specifically selected as he is one of the most distinguished servicemen within the Russian Federation. Orders, Medals, and Decorations: - Hero of the Soviet Union - People’s Doctor of the U.S.S.R. - Order of Victory - Order of the Red Banner - Order of the Red Star - Order of Suvorov, 2nd Class - Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class - Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2nd Class - Order of Glory - Order ‘For the Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the U.S.S.R.’ - Order of Alexander Nevsky Criminal Record:. - Detained for disobedience of higher command in Afghanistan. - Arrested by British intelligence for suspect of espionage, charges dropped. - Detained by American intelligence for the assassination of an alleged C.I.A. operative possessing critical information of the Kremlin’s operation lists.
  15. Looking for a house near unmc blackmarket.
  16. Altis Marine Operations are offering their services to the public! AMO Are a group specialising in the marine diving operations around the shores of Altis. We have decided to expand out services, and offer them to the public in need of some high grossing labor! Details are below! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING SERVICE THEN PLEASE MESSAGE ME! Or text me in game @Dora Raymen Service: Clams *Pricing details* A deposit of £2500 is required for the diving gear you will be given. 1 run is £30'000 Per seat 2 runs is £50'000 3 Or more runs will depend on the amount you want to do due to fuel costs & risk of robbery as people may notice a pattern. Rules You will not possess any firearms on your person upon meeting with us or entering our vehicle. You will be asked to remove your backpack & we will perform a pat down to ensure you aren't carrying any concealed weapons. You will NOT enter the driver or CO pilot seat of any vehicles we use. If you attempt to steal a vehicle at all you will be warned and if you continue to not comply with the demands you will be shot. If you attempt to run once selling to the dealer, you will be told one clear & unambiguous demand and if you fail to comply you will be fired upon. IMPORTANT DETAILS Before entering any vehicles ensure you have the following DIVING SUIT ON DIVING GOGGLES ON RE-BREATHER ON Excavator equipped.
  17. Carl s

    Political Parties

    I think we should add political parties that can be made by players. Consisting of maybe like 4-6 players each they would work just like real parties. There would be an election every 2 weeks or so. I believe there already is some kind of mayor system altough this system would make things alot more interesting. This could also make opportunities for roleplay maybe talking to someone about politics, which party he voted for and why? It would function so every player can make a party on a special page on the forum that would be made. Then after the parties has been made the admins would quickly look at them and choose the legit ones (excluding the troll parties). Then after the parties have been filtered the players would be able to vote for the parties via commenting or maybe some kind of voting system the admins could make. Making people vote on the specific parties would maybe include propaganda speeches or just overall political views.
  18. Kaibu

    Altis life News team

    We are looking for a full news team on server #1. We are looking for good drivers and pilots. You must have a mic and must be okay with being on record. Reply to sign up.
  19. Sprat

    Altis Got Talent

    I saw there is an X-Factor event, so why don't we do a Altis Got Talent event? so somebody that doesn't know how to sing can show their self in something different.
  20. CC Gordon

    Additional Checkpoint

    Hey there! Personally, I love checkpoint operations, I think that they can bring some fantastic RP if done right and can certainly make the job of rebel forces harder. Unfortunately with only 2 police checkpoints on the map doing any sort of checkpoint RP can be a bit tiresome as the locations can be empty for long periods of time. I suggest that we add another checkpoint of which I took the liberty of designing :P MAP VIEW: (Click me for full-size image) The checkpoint has been positioned with a fair game in mind. Not only are there several hills nearby which could be used by the rebels to "assist" their men through the checkpoint there are also a few buildings nearby which could be used as hiding spots. Birds-Eye View: (Click me for full-size image) This is a birds-eye view of the checkpoint. I have included several vehicles to allow for a better idea of scale. Ground Shot: (Click me for full-size image) From this angle, you can see the tower as well as the gate heading towards devils bend Tower Shooting: (Click me for full-size image) The tower has been positioned to allow officers to take a stand should any breaches of the checkpoint take place. The tower is still open at the back allowing for rebels to gain the upper hand given enough prep and men. Vehicles: (Click me for full-size image) The above image shows the amount of vehicles that may be stored inside of the checkpoint at one time. In this image you can see that an SUV, Truck Boxer, HEMMET, Box and a Hatchback all fit comfortably inside. So. What do you think? I'd love to see this added to the server for more RP and fun times. I tried to construct this in a balanced and fair manner to allow for both sides of the law to benefit from this. If any staff members or support team PM me I'll happily provide a download to the mission file to allow them to add it to the server mission files, I won't be releasing this publicly as I'd wish for it to be unique to RPUK. King Regards //Gordon3301 - DSGT EDIT: DERP! This quite possibly should've been posted into the Workshop sub-forum of the suggestions forum, sorry! RoleplayUK_Checkpoint.zip