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Found 19 results

  1. Yoo guys i started uploading again on my english channel first video dropped today if you wanne check it out here it is maybe youre in it? haha enjoy and tell me what you think of it ;)
  2. So I'm just selling my iron at metal exports and out of nowhere i get shot at by somebody as horrible as me at shooting. When I zoomed in I saw what looks like a cop uniform? I want to ask you why would a cop shoot at me like that? No prior RP or initiation. I have a full 20 minute video of before and after to proove there was no RP. I chose to only upload this 1 minute video so that I can get back to playing in the server for now (my ping goes up to 300+ while uploading youtube video, so unable to play server).
  3. Kerrley

    PCSO bobby shmurda

    So today i had the pleasure of having PCSO bobby Shmurda with me on a patrol. The guy is straight up a nice Lad. His RolePlay was great and really well executed. His knowledge of the server and police rules was surprisingly good for someone fairly new to the force. Their seamed to be nothing that he didn't know. It was perfect for anyone, and coming from someone with a week's experience in the force, too me shows a really promising officer. Ill give you an example. Straight away, literally 5 minutes after logging in, we had a situation. Apparently two men had tried to rob a man's vehicle but they ended up getting in with him as passengers. So the gentleman kindly drove over the vehicle too the station and we had a chat with the guys. The guys however started to run away on foot. Long story short we caught the guys and brought them back too the station. They ended up pleading guilty to an attempted theft of the truck. I felt i should let bobby take control of this. I was right too. He prolonged the role play as much as possible. Even going as far as too se whether or not the thieves had insurance to cover the property damage they caused trying to escape. When it came to punishing said thieves. I felt that he was fair and just. He noted their cooperation skills and new the correct fines and punishments . Overall i was very impressed with his performance, and i encourage others to take him on a patrol. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/41572-bobby-shmurda/ PC Kerrley
  4. The Jack Daniels

    Recommendation for PC Jordan Fenwick

    Had one of the best roleplay in a long time with the officer of the law, many a dank memes, flying ducks (had to be there). But all around for the short time I've known the guy Great RP and hope to play with him again in the future @jordanfenwick2000!!! I cri cus I didn't take a screenshot of the absolute legend! - [NRA] Gen. Jack Daniels
  5. Eldarkmagic

    Orange zone

    Think off this all the rebels at the rebel outpost must be friendly with other rebels if they like each other or not (basically a green zone for rebels) this would make rebels work together to stopping cops easily taking there weapons away and make cops going to rebel a lot more risky. Rebels taxing or robbing people there would stop and make people lose less right after they buy a weapon etc. This is not KOS!
  6. Daniel 2sec

    Thanks for the help - Server Event

    This community already gave us alot. I already have hundrets of hours on here, and I still enjoy every single minute. I meet new people nearly every single day and people always tried to be friendly. Surely some are salty after getting killed, but nearly everybody will welcome new people and help, if somebody asks for it. Today it showed us, that there is more then enough people like that. We just posted a simple Server Event and about 10 people messaged me and asked if they can help. Not only that, admins helped us for the whole event (about 1.30 hours) or just some questions, after a simple question like: Do you have a second to help us. People on here are holding together and that's what makes this place so wonderful. I honestly want to say a big Thank You to all people that helped us with the Server Event. I will not be able to list everybody up, but a big thanks to: -The whole BA - team espacially @Norman@jordanfenwick2000 And the top Thanks goes to @Ram Also everybody who took part! Best wishes, Daniel 2sec, @Lukeee 2sec, @Miiiikkel
  7. Stan I

    PC Delusion

    Basically a couple nights ago i met PC Delusion at 6-7 in the morning, i havent gone to bed yet nor have him. I met with him and had a really good time, he rp'ed and was just super awesome. This is a little shoutout to a great guy!!
  8. Guava

    Death by Cop

    those few moments where you know death is inevitable and must come to accept it. http://plays.tv/video/575f1dc7e12b53cd3e/when-a-cop-fucks-up
  9. Crexvin

    RDM, Babyface

    Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): Babyface Time & Date this happened: 13:54 30/8/15 Which Server did this happen on: Server 1 Description of what happened:got a dispatch of a hobo getting robbed, i think i can actually help him so i go over, get shot without RP What Rule Was Broken ?: RDM Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: no , he wasnt on TS Please post video evidence/screenshots here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKv0DENVmX0
  10. Crexvin

    RDMed by the pope

    Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): The Pope Time & Date this happened: 15:45 28/8/15 Which Server did this happen on: Server 1 Description of what happened:some drug bust seem to be solved i was checking the surrounding area when i got shot without any RP what so ever. What Rule Was Broken ?: RDM Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: no , he wasnt on TS(EDIT: he hit me up on TS to tell me the fight was going on (see comments) al though i still feel this is a case of RDM) Please post video evidence/screenshots here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khf3Jy4xy-E
  11. Crexvin

    mgnonk26 VDM RESTRAIN

    Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): Mgnonk26 Time & Date this happened: 23:45 28/8/15 Which Server did this happen on: Server 1 Description of what happened:this 12 year old kid ran over an officer than we caught him i brought him to station to process him but than he restrain glitched What Rule Was Broken ?: VDM,Glitching/Bug(restrain glitch) Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: no, he barely spoke english he didnt understand what i was saying when i asked him to come on TS (he also wasnt on TS). Please post video evidence/screenshots here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImHyhYY9x4Q
  12. Hemmi Gunn

    cant apply for cop

    cant apply to become a cop ??!
  13. Layden

    Smarter Ranks for Cops

    As i have recently joined altis life uk i noticed that the cop rank abbreviations could be improved in certain ways and there could also extra ranks. Firstly the abbreviations. The abbreveations only apply to ranks above SGT. Personally i believe everything below this is perfect. I will list the rank name currently and then the new name after it. DSGT - D/SGT INS - INSP DI - D/INSP CI - C/INSP SI - SUPT CSI - C/SUPT CMDR - N/A Secondly the added ranks. As this is a large sever i believe there are not enough ranks to aspire to. The 4 new ranks i am proposing are the highest ranks that would take the place of the commander. These are the following to replace commander. Commissioner - 1st in command. Deputy Commisioner - 2nd in command. Assistant Commissioner - 3rd in command. Deputy Assistant Commisioner - 4th in command. The purpose of having 4 commisioners is that there is always (in theory) a commissioner/higher command online. Commissioners benefit severs massively as the leaders can be dealing with situations separately and it also gives a varied opinions on subjects for higher ups to decide on. Commissioners are used in large constabularies like the Metropolitan police in London to keep control and order in the force. Adding these changes to the police help people to be recognised, make the police look smarter and commissioners will maintain order throughout altis. ---Layden---
  14. In this video, Me and Thanatos go on an adventure to find a beret, well I do..... and we run into some very interesting moments on the way! enjoy. http://youtu.be/TzbBsIs6GLI @Unlucky George @Thanatos @lionel
  15. Reverend

    Unleash the Vladic...

    When all hope seems lost and we face insurmountable odds, there is always the Ace card. The one-man Maverick that can drop foes without ever firing a shot. Striking fear into the hearts and minds of our enemies with his voice alone. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... VLADIC!
  16. Hello. I'd like to start by saying that it isn't just Snape that has done this, but lots of cops. Me and other medics have agreed to gathering names and putting a big report in, but I tried to speak with Snape and he changed the subject to why the NHS should not be carrying road barriers. (Which btw I have heard nothing about.) So I decided to post this here. All I sent him was this and it explains it all: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1kSudQzI5rJsYQV1FYOZ9_brxPWX1FyzKG2GeaY0Mi10/edit?usp=sharing He said he picked it up to stop trolls as medics shouldn't have them as they aren't trained. It was terrible RP and lack of communication (Once again) from the cops to the NHS.
  17. Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): Chuck-Nourice Time & Date this happened: 13/09/14 Around 1130AM Description of what happened: Clearly shown in video. I got out my vehicle to try and revive someone. Note that this is in the green zone, therefore he is breaking 3 rules: RDM, Killing Medic and Shooting in Green Zone. He started shooting me, so I tried to warn him before the video starts (I tried to make it shorter) So he keeps shooting, I run over to try and get cover and he RDM's me. After he gets killed, he has the cheek to request a Revive! The police come along and revive me and take him to jail. Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: Nope don't see why I should, I gave him plenty of warnings. Please post video evidence/screenshots here (This is almost a must! without this you have no solid evidence) Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo0vqg830urqluw/13.09.14%20Chuck-Nouris%20RDM%20Kavala.avi?dl=0 Screenshots from video to make life easier for you busy admins: http://prntscr.com/4meq97 http://prntscr.com/4meqjy Note: Half way through video i tried to text cops but failed... instead brought out binoculars. I knew cops were nearby.
  18. Rossss

    A-rin (Rejected - No evidence)

    Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): a-rin Time & Date this happened: 12/09/14 I don't know the time. Description of what happened: My friends car was stolen. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't stop. Before this he almost VDM'ed me but I got out the way. Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: Nope. Please post video evidence/screenshots here (This is almost a must! without this you have no solid evidence) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmm041owrpm9z9z/12.09.14%20VDM%20by%20a-rin.avi?dl=0 Things I lost which I would like comp for: 1 Beanie - Lets say £800 (i don't know exact price) 1 Mask which you can see me wearing - £850 1 Rebel clothes - around 15k 2 Rook 40's + ammo - 52k Backpack - 5k 2 First Aid kits - £200 1 cap - £100 1 Vest - I think around 8k TOTAL £81950
  19. Demuth


    Sorry for posting here, didnt know where to ask. But how long does it take before you get an answer to your cop application ? Best regards Demuth