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Found 3 results

  1. This topic is for discussion of recent server updates, feel free to chip in your opinions, yet full suggestions should be placed inside of the normal "Your Suggestions" area of the forums.
  2. This post will act as a place for us to share work in progress features which may never see the live servers, or may become the next big thing here at RPUK. As said above. Nothing here is final or is confirmed to be an upcoming feature, some items posted here may simply be prototypes of new systems, or just us testing out what ArmA can do. Feel free to make any comments though, suggestions will always be appreciated and may be credited depending on the size of the contribution (at our discretion, of course.) First - The new RPUK HUD: The text in the bottom left corne
  3. As i have recently joined altis life uk i noticed that the cop rank abbreviations could be improved in certain ways and there could also extra ranks. Firstly the abbreviations. The abbreveations only apply to ranks above SGT. Personally i believe everything below this is perfect. I will list the rank name currently and then the new name after it. DSGT - D/SGT INS - INSP DI - D/INSP CI - C/INSP SI - SUPT CSI - C/SUPT CMDR - N/A Secondly the added ranks. As this is a large sever i believe there are not enough ranks to aspire to. The 4 new ranks i am pr
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