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  1. Citizens of Altis! We would like to announce that on Sunday the 29th of July at 9pm GMT will be the date in which Surgeon Bodphrah and Paramedic Erin will tie the knot , taking a little time out from the normal working day of patching up the roadkill of Altis for a happy union conducted by our beautiful Mayor! You are very welcome to attend, but please may we ask you not cause any trouble. We have been informed there should be a bit of a show during the event and an after party later on in the evening. Location : The little church overlooking Kavala Bay south of Kaval
  2. Save the date: Live at Kavala Night Club on Friday 22nd of June, Free entry! Come along and get involved!
  3. Good afternoon all! Welcome to a server event hosted by the Original Gangstas! Event time : Friday 4th May - 8:30pm GMT (Server time) Event details : Please comment down below if you're interested so we can get an idea on the amount of people we should be expecting! Credit goes to @Maik for the beautiful documents and to @OG Bosh, @YoCo, @Simen and @PC Maverick for helping me with the idea. Thanks also to @Nalurah for assisting with the event adding an interesting twist! If any more admins would like to attend to patrol then by all means do! An
  4. The Clearance of Feres Today the Police managed to take a large number of Drugs from TLC private houses. They then took it to Therisa airfield where they loaded onto the back of a Blackfish. However, as they were flying off the cargo doors fell open and the drugs were drop out over Feres as the blackfish left Altis airspace. The local community got on a right session all day and have gone on to use all the drugs. They are now completely off there face on cocaine and whatever else they have got the hands on. This area is getting out of hand and it is now down to Individuals
  5. Raid on a House Recently Oreokastro has been broken into. The Police managed to stop the people would have stolen a large number of drugs and illegal goods. Fortunately, we managed to steal the truck back from the scrap yard before it was destroyed. I panicled and we took it to a house that no one knew the location of. However, As we were storing the drugs in the house we heard a helicopter fly over the top. We believe this to be the Police. We have contacted a few of our informants. They have confirmed to us that it was the Police and that NCA will be taking the drugs. They have al
  6. Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. Cash for Hobo Tim! Tim is our newest recruit into the fold of The Lost Cause. He is generally a happy hobo but he lacks some important things. This will be worked on over time. He does not know how to fly, drive or sail, however, he does have a quad bike. So I turned round to him and said that he is the only person on the island who does not know how to do all three. We had a little argument. To end this silly bickering, I said I can prove that people know how to do all three by setting up a little competition. There are two
  7. Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. Credit @CSI Gordon I come to you with a proposal. My gang and myself have recently moved to the island of Altis and we wish to clear out a small holding. This will allow us to setup shop and start our work. We have money and are willing to reward any group of rebels that are able to take and hold Oreokastro Church for a set amount of time. Only one group WILL receive the money and only one group should be walking away alive. The reward for the winning group will be £10,000,000 to be split down as the group leader desires. The in
  8. maddog4


    If any one would like to see this get this posted as an event we should do a triathlon you swim 500 metres run to a garage then pull out your fastest vehicle and get to a specific point if anyone would like to add to this then just talk to me or whatever
  9. Tonight Server 1 20:00 Meet on Teamspeak - Server Event Room 20:15 Meet time in agios Box Trucks Only 1 Person Per Truck 10 million pound prize pool. BE THERE https://go.twitch.tv/phunkadin
  10. Lost Weapon Convoy UNMC Server Event Brief: A weapons smuggler's convoy on their way to sell their stock to the local Rebel Outpost got blown off course when their intentions and position was sold out to police, and due to the open comms (and the big mouths) of the local police force the information of the convoy was leaked out to local citizens and bounty hunters who may have an interest in the weapons and goods. The convoy was last seen chased out of Queensland territory and through a gap in the UNMC border, where can this valuable convoy be? Execution:
  11. Here is a video i put together of the event that took place today. Enjoy. You may needa wait for 1080p Shout out to @Robbie for making the event
  12. I feel there will be many explosions!
  13. Hi ha ho! So I was thinking with all the creative people we got around here, wouldn't it be amazing to introduce a (temporary) green screen on the island! I can all ready image the hilarious video's/images coming.... A hobo driving his quad bike in the middle of new york? Two people doing the ''piss animation'' from a high building? Simply just posing with your friends/gang/people around you and adding a funny/original background to it would all ready be cool! Think about the possibilities... Shouldn't be really hard to add, it can be just temporary and about the size of a HEMMT Box?
  14. this event will be a search and kill idea scenario: a mass evacuation of kavala will be taking place due a high threat of terrosrism, 4 passenger trucks will be waiting to be loaded up with civillians ready for extraction guided by police and will be transported to athira airport, and will wait for helicopters to arrive ready to save the civillians and take them to a selected "safe area". however one person will be selected at random by an admin and he will have to take on the role of becoming a hitman where he will be have the task of killing a VIP protected by body guards of course
  15. Dear persons of this community, Yesterday we as the Athira Constabulary from the RPUK Police force organised an event which will be every week! Check out the trailer: If you are a police officer on the RPUK server and you wish to participate in this cool weekly event , feel free to sign up via this form: NEXT EVENT: (READ THE EVENT POST , LINK ABOVE) Saturday - 03-02-2017 (20:00PM) Remember its only for Police officers! Let me know what you think of it and i hope to see you next event! Hosted by: @DSGT Jedd Lii @DSGT John Morrison @DSGT LONG
  16. Sprat

    Altis Got Talent

    I saw there is an X-Factor event, so why don't we do a Altis Got Talent event? so somebody that doesn't know how to sing can show their self in something different.
  17. Back by popular request! ALTIS MARATHON 2016! Right folks, it’s time to dust off those running shoes and find your short shots, Altis Marathon is back! The Marathon will start in Kavala square at 8 pm GMT this Friday and end at the church in Sofia. The details: When: 8 pm Friday for 8:30 start. (NOTE: Times may vary a bit as we get set up - start time may slip to 9pm) Where: Server 3 How Long: Running Time - Approx 1 hour Who can join in: Anyone, first come, first served when the server opens Forum Achievement - @Drewis currently organising a form
  18. Hit The Truck-Event WARNING: DO NOT HIT THE TRUCK! Tusek Enterprise is once more making an event this Friday [23/09/2016] at 8.30pm! This time you can win £15,000,000! Just meet us at the Kavala Helipad, we will pick you up with our Hurons. The event that we are planning is a Parachute and truck event, you are wondering “how can they manage that?”, well the rest of this document will tell you…... All of the contestants will be getting ready on the ground next to the helicopters (equipping parachutes and telling other why they think that they are going to win). Once
  19. During the preparations for the Quad-Bike Event that was held a few days ago we bumped into the fantastic mr. @Daanish, he helped us getting all the quad-bikes and another things happend too... picture shows everything...
  20. As the leader of the RTA i am now proud to announce you our sixth event, taking place saturday the 11/07 at 9 PM Race information: The race will be going from the the LSD processing at the all the way to North Kavala Petrol station, along the main road. A very simple route, with alot of turns, and alot of straights to get some speed. You have seen this race before, but not with 1st person rules. - The race will be in 1st person only - The winner needs to provide a video of himself driving first person, from the beginning to end, to prevent cheating. - we higly suggest everyone to record the
  21. Hello ladies and gentleman! We are going to try to implement an interactive event schedule made by players to the community! Here is the idea: Having 1 event every week randomly picked by a generator Having 1 event every month picked by players Now here comes the interactivity, i would like everyone to contribute ideas for events (you can post more than one), which i will make a list and use it to randomize weekly events. Weekly Event: Random selected of the list Montly Event (Player's pick): Players vote for either the best event of the 3 weeks or surp
  22. Today, the 19'th of May, Steph hosted an event. Kavala was full of armed man. With the risk of their own lives, reporters went out on the streets. The BBC was there to catch it on camera for you lads!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koJN0COEcco& Edit: euhm... Wrong forum... Needs to be on Video & Screenshots... Oops..
  23. I would propose a Air race, yes it is long post as I have tried to include as much detail as possible. please read through and discuss as appropriate. A Pilot and Co-Pilot would be needed to enter. Any aircraft is elegible to enter. A running Start ... a simple egg and spoon race to start with. contenders must empty a crate into the inventory of their aircraft (this will be assorted goods items) Then in whichever order they please (to help avoid collisions) they must process and sell all items in their vehicles, and return to the airfield to claim thier prize with the correct amount o
  24. Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): [DORO] Brains Time & Date this happened: Roundly 10pm Description of what happened: During the even, I put down spikes in the middle of Paros and arrested people for Illegal street racing. [DORO] Brains comes along and I restrain him. He says hes recording, and then says he is going to post it on forums. I continue and leave him alone to deal with him last. He continues to shout and me calling me a "cunt" (excuse my french) and a "low life faggot" for which I know for a fact I am not a faggot. He then says that I am going to die in f
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