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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to thank the Staff Team for promoting events in the past few weeks such as the Van and SUV Races organised by Ruthless and the "Looking for invisible person" that Natural decided to do a couple of weeks ago. (I also heard about something that had to do with skulls near the Halloween but I didn't get to actually understand what it was...) Everyone can tell that we enjoyed it otherwise it wouldn't have had so many people participating and most of the people definitely didn't do it because of the money but because of the type of event it was, and because these events bring the
  2. Big up to nalurah and her events! really enjoyable and funny +1111 and a +1 to her ''Brother'' Strix. Im Nutella Waffle if anyone wondered. Only funny when you win.
  3. Thanks to all who have suggested events thus far, the events team are working hard to approve your suggestions and current approved events and dates are below. This will be updated as more events are approved in addition to monthly events run by the event team. You can suggest an event HERE. May ALL: End Game Tournament NEXT EVENT: May 27th: Events Team Ifritt Rally. Organiser: @Robbie June 30th: 'THE VOICE' TS Event. Organiser: Norman. July TBA: Events Team Treasure Hunt (More info and exact date coming soon) XFactor (or similar) will also happen at a later
  4. We know events are popular and we know you want more, and so do we! To this end, we now have a small but perfectly formed events team who will be working with the community to ensure we can approve more events, more often (With quicker approval.) It’s our hope that having this dedicated ‘resource’ will enable us to achieve this. Your events team will be; @JohnJoeegan , @Robbie , @Gurlanin , @Oliver V2 , @ConnorTheGreatt and @Gregory with the support of the Community Managers @FriendlyFireGuy and @Edgar Ville To request an event, please post below in the following format. Note: Provid
  5. Hello ladies and gentleman! We are going to try to implement an interactive event schedule made by players to the community! Here is the idea: Having 1 event every week randomly picked by a generator Having 1 event every month picked by players Now here comes the interactivity, i would like everyone to contribute ideas for events (you can post more than one), which i will make a list and use it to randomize weekly events. Weekly Event: Random selected of the list Montly Event (Player's pick): Players vote for either the best event of the 3 weeks or surp
  6. This post was deleted by a alien.
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