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Found 3 results

  1. This topic is for discussion of recent server updates, feel free to chip in your opinions, yet full suggestions should be placed inside of the normal "Your Suggestions" area of the forums.
  2. Hello ladies and gentleman! We are going to try to implement an interactive event schedule made by players to the community! Here is the idea: Having 1 event every week randomly picked by a generator Having 1 event every month picked by players Now here comes the interactivity, i would like everyone to contribute ideas for events (you can post more than one), which i will make a list and use it to randomize weekly events. Weekly Event: Random selected of the list Montly Event (Player's pick): Players vote for either the best event of the 3 weeks or surp
  3. Hello ladies and gentleman, Use this thread to leave feedback, i do hope everyone enjoyed the event and i would like to thank PLAYERUNKNOWN for hosting a server for us, zaF for getting in touch with him and helping set it up, the admin team for helping with everything and EVERYONE of you for joining!
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