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  1. I know there's been a lot of different suggestions about police being able to revive while medics are still on but i think there should be a script like the one there is for people trying to do the Treasury with less than 5 cops on then it stops them physically which is what i think should be the same case with police if there's less than 3 medics or 5 medics on the server then police can still revive so it stops everyone complaining about medics but also allows medics to do their jobs with high RP.
  2. Yoo guys i started uploading again on my english channel first video dropped today if you wanne check it out here it is maybe youre in it? haha enjoy and tell me what you think of it ;)
  3. This post will act as a place for us to share work in progress features which may never see the live servers, or may become the next big thing here at RPUK. As said above. Nothing here is final or is confirmed to be an upcoming feature, some items posted here may simply be prototypes of new systems, or just us testing out what ArmA can do. Feel free to make any comments though, suggestions will always be appreciated and may be credited depending on the size of the contribution (at our discretion, of course.) First - The new RPUK HUD: The text in the bottom left corne
  4. If you know anyone that is an owner of a dodgy dave house or you are an owner yourself, please message me. (;
  5. We are looking for a full news team on server #1. We are looking for good drivers and pilots. You must have a mic and must be okay with being on record. Reply to sign up.
  6. Im basically stuck to where i actually download the launcher and mod file from?
  7. Hello! I may not be the most known person in the community, but I have played Tanoa quite a lot, and I really want to see the server get more populated and have people being able to have fun, and acctually roleplay, as when you are the only one on the server for hours, then you get a bit lonely. The server is so well made, and I will get into more detail later, but I have gone on other, more popular servers, and I hate them! They are just not as fun, and you dont require any of the lovely EXP, which some people find is a grind, but then you can start off, and get better gear as you go. So
  8. Long time since i made a video here is episode 9 of my Altis Life Fun and Roleplay! Let me know if you enjoyed!
  9. i heard that the server was up, but i dont know how to find it or get to it, any help?
  10. Who? ZinK. He comes from a place far, far away. Some say Stratis, some say farther, but no one knows for sure. He grew up as a poor, starving, illegal weed farmer, but those days are past him. At the age of 10 he created his own company, Farming Co™. Altis was not a very lush island, but he did what he could, harvesting the best weed in the nation. At the age of 18 his company sank, the weed market crashed, it was the end of his glory. Currently ZinK is 23, living in the dumps of Altis, doing little runs of oil and heroin for money. But Tanoa, oh Tanoa, this will be a new beginnin
  11. Where do I begin, I moved to the island of Altis on the 13th of October 2015, I landed on the dock of Kavala, a large bustling city full of inserting people and a large shopping area. The first couple of days I was I was exploring the city of Kavala to get my bearings and also to see the sights, going to the beach, looking around the Castle,spending money in the shops and talking with the other locals. Within a week of arriving at Altis I had gotten my car licence and I had brought my first car a lovely white pickup truck second hand of course with a large dent and a missing fearing on
  12. On a previous server I was part of, we had an entire faction related to it and even did weekly "reports" on SoundCloud. I also retextured a helicopter and uniform to match it as well as make a logo myself. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5jk17Ko4vH8emRLVlk3WkJVSHc&usp=sharing I was wondering if this was something that could be integrated into the game as I used to admin a server with someone who put this into the game and it was rather fun :3 ~P <3
  13. And Here we see a Truck climbing a house.
  14. Hello ladies and gentleman! We are going to try to implement an interactive event schedule made by players to the community! Here is the idea: Having 1 event every week randomly picked by a generator Having 1 event every month picked by players Now here comes the interactivity, i would like everyone to contribute ideas for events (you can post more than one), which i will make a list and use it to randomize weekly events. Weekly Event: Random selected of the list Montly Event (Player's pick): Players vote for either the best event of the 3 weeks or surp
  15. I was thinking like and undercover cops so we can get in gangs and see what they are planning and do drug busts undercover so they don't see flashing blue lights pulling up so they have time to escape and I was thinking civilians could help out cops as well like tip them off with information and arrest people (with zipties) and take them to the cops and the civilians get rewarded
  16. Okiee so i have played as NHS,Cop,Civ and Rebel i have enjoyed my time playing as all of them, the one thing i would like to see change would be for everyone to value their life. This came to my mind the other day, when someone tried to rob me, i knocked them out and zip tied them, in the end i was letting him go , he pulled a ACP on me and tried to kill me , he ran out of ammo due to i made him drop his gear he then says "just kill me i can't be arsed". I know this is a drastic case but it made me think, i have never seen anyone be punished for not valuing their lives apart from police, i j
  17. Hello! My in-game name: Pvt. Jensen My steam profile ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/altislife4life My GUID: 98cab9457cc1b53588e8388ec9cc770a Date & time i was banned :14/01/2015 The rule i broke: Rule 5: Rest of Altis My reason: Im really sorry for this situation. I want to get unbanned, because i had alot of fun on the server, and i met many types of people, and they were funny to talk with. I will never break a rule again, and i regret my mistake. I know is was banned, and i understand it. My Forum-report:
  18. Hey Guys! ♥ Thanks to everyone taking part on the little race tonight! If anyone has any footage of it it would be nice if you post it here! Thank you
  19. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=880865748604252&set=o.1475754765973530&type=2&theater&notif_t=video_processed
  20. Hellooo Everybodyyyy when I brought Arma 3 as it had just come out via Early release I was more curious then ever to try out the life mods, I had expected it to be the same sorta thing, where Opfor controlled the East and bluefor controlled the west, obviously I was in for a surprise, I liked the border control, having to have passports, I miss sneaky Opfor taking a cop hostage which kicked off a war between the two sides for 30mins by that time if the cop isn't recused or had his ransom paid then wars over and cop gets a bullet in the head. I miss small things too like Civ's being able to thr
  21. Wild jungle out there.. Alot of Cats, snakes, hyenas. These wild life are no match for true kings of the jungle, i guess we are the lions. Everyone should be proud of this, and everyday i come here i get amazed at everything we accomplished, and look forward to achieve. This is why me and everyone spend so many hours dedicated to this family. Maybe high Cardoso, but again, much love <3!
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