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Found 1 result

  1. KET INFUSED GEEZERS - Modern Warfare 2 clan Story: The two feared dominant males (BLU and @K E V I N), and their idiot kids (@A A R O N and @Luis Hernandez) have been brutally harassed and insulted by other dominant males from different prides (@Wiiisy) for a decade on the island. They have now decided to depart from this cruel island to join the 96th kenyan skenging battalion to fight off the hordes of insulters while under the influence of ketamine. To join the ket infused geezers you will have to apply below. Roster: Dominant males - KEVIN, BLU Idiot kids - AARON, LUIS HERNANDEZ Application form: How much ket do you infuse on a daily basis? (15g+): Will you love and protect the dominant males?: How many hours do you have on mw2? (5h+):
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