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  1. Is it possible to apply both to be a cop and a medic, so one day I can play as a cop and the other as a medic?
  2. Got the police to do a photo opportunity with a very dangerous criminal, who was shooting a "music video". Suggested the lovely pose in front of the police car and it turned out great.
  3. The tragedy of an undisclosed police officer (CI Creebles) and his crew
  4. Just want to say after have some cops try and arrest arac for towing vehicles and moving crashed cars on the road it was nice to have some very decent rp off both CI Strauss and SGT Sonder, Was a broken down hatchback sport by the airport, get a dispatch from Mr Strauss saying they need assistance so drive down and find the hatchback crashed in the road. Get the Hatchback all tied down and ready to transport we head off to Athria PD with the police escorting. Once we get there we get the hatchback unloaded and into the garage for an inspection and then Mr Strauss takes me into the PD for th
  5. Starting Price : 500k Buyout: 3.5 million Have fun and let the bidding commence.
  6. I was capturing rebel outpost and suddenly there was a note that my hummingbird was scraped by police and I asked police why did they scraped it because I parked it in my gang base , then they said that it was involved in shooting at officers in Agios and I wasn't that day even there. I parked my hummingbird at gang base and went with my gang to capture the rebel outpost. It was a big misunderstanding, there is a lot of white and blue hummingbirds and police can't just scrap it without asking me was I involved. Can I please get a new hummingbird or money for it.
  7. Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): SGT Jordan WA477 Time and date of incident: 1800 ish Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: So.... The Incident started as follows, two members of a brutal criminal gang kidnapped me one was named Hassan and another Whong, they knocked me out tied me up and bumbled my into a near by house all under the supervision of SGT Jordan who witnessed the entire event and at some points encouraged the violent unrelenting criminals, In the house well... I'll let yo
  8. Long story short, I was bored one evening and made something that after some thought may actually be a good idea on the live server. Obviously now that the AR Weapons Cache has some nice lovely new weapons inside, its become more of an interest to players. Considering the roleplay behind the compound is that weapons that have been sized by the police/AR are stored there, I thought it would make sense if there was a compound that held illegal narcotics that have been seized by the police/NCA, just like the AR Weapons Cache, allowing players to take back what they have lost or steal whats b
  9. Hello, today I decided to bring my real job, photography to altis. It was a pretty fun challenge but it was fully worth the effort. Thanks to everyone that got "shot" Getting ready at the Police Station First stop, checking the Church's dealer. Traffic stop near the Kavala parking. Someone getting pulled over for speeding, don't do it guys!. Group photo with "Speedy Gonzales". Naylor Cicero having a discussion about Guns Laws with a constable, situation was pretty intensive. A rebeld that claimed self def
  10. Raid on a House Recently Oreokastro has been broken into. The Police managed to stop the people would have stolen a large number of drugs and illegal goods. Fortunately, we managed to steal the truck back from the scrap yard before it was destroyed. I panicled and we took it to a house that no one knew the location of. However, As we were storing the drugs in the house we heard a helicopter fly over the top. We believe this to be the Police. We have contacted a few of our informants. They have confirmed to us that it was the Police and that NCA will be taking the drugs. They have al
  11. DelBoi

    Police caps

    I think it would be better if there was a cap on how many police officers can be online at one time as most of there RP is pitiful. Anyway here's an example of bad RP earlier today I was at the uranium refiner and many police officers were camping the refiner (something else they shouldn't be able to do without prior information about me being there) I was 1 person in a HEMMT and anywhere from 5-10 police officers started chasing me I had no chance of winning. The police officers are obviously extremely bored and just want to get into gunfights, so I think the amount of police on the
  12. I aim as mayor will be to help and support the altis citizens, another thing is I do not wish to waste police resources and time, like the previous mayor and him using the police as a personal security detail. a serious thing will need to be addressed, this being the damage caused to the economy with his time mainly taken up harassing members of the public in particular hobos. I will spend time gathering feedback from citizens and doing all in my power to satisfy the people of altis. as a child i was born and grew up in the united kingdom when I turned 18 I joined the British army, this
  13. @l-Echo @Paulo Serafim Marine Policing Unit, keeping the waters of Altis safe. You're welcome citizens!
  14. https://plays.tv/video/5aa19725d8db19b47c/arent-ifrits-allowed-in-mayor-events- https://plays.tv/video/5aa19725d8db19b47c/arent-ifrits-allowed-in-mayor-events- #DoNotTryThisAtHome
  15. I would like to extend my gratitude towards the officers in the Kavala PD who detained the trouble maker after chasing him down under suspicion of a illegal firearm. The officers promptly inspected the gun and it fortunately turned out to be a shell-ejecting BB-gun, seeing as they where dealing with a minor it was decided to give him a warning and a second chance, this turned out to be a risky decision. The delinquent had repeatedly informed the officers that he was very un-happy about the situation and that he would ''get rowdy'' once released. As promised shortly after released, the hoo
  16. It feels like server 2 is a wasteland with criminals going around robbing people and doing what they want, there is often only 1 or 2 police officers on...
  17. So i really like roleplaying as my friends sometimes when a cop pulls me over and asks "is this your car" and because ive alot of crimes i say no its my friends and i say im my friend cause his clean and online but even tho the police cant say my name but they can see my name so they will try there hardest to get my name out of me instead of just roleplaying and thinking im my friend yea some do it but yesterday my this happened and the officer who was talking to me said "well if your buddy dont get here soon im going to charge you for his crimes" which is complete bullshit yea they were my cr
  18. I left the paper document down below, you better read it if you wanna know the truth: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O0EcGJErUE3tg2N_Z4-zLHVGUNYtsLm0Gg7UUbZctcA/edit?usp=sharing -Let me know what you think, it took a while to get a hold of but ya know...
  19. So recently I have noticed that police like to take your weapons or gear and place them inside their vehicle, that's fine, the problem is that they will then normally impound that vehicle to stop you gaining access to it again. Doesn't matter the location. This greatly reduces the roleplay as it stops the rebel gaining access to their items again. In my opinion, there should be a rule put into play so the officer has to drive the vehicle back to the PD before impounding it. This allows the rebel to try and gain access to the vehicle to get the gear back and creates more realism than the gear
  20. Maybe the ARAC could get a way of towing cars with police permission? So that it's not abused, or maybe a radio we can use directly between ARAC and Police. This would make the job a lot more entertaining for the employees, and possibly more realistic?
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