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Jack Rippoff

SGT Paulo Serafim [6634]

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Jack Rippoff

Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known):

SGT Paulo Serafim [6634] and PC Phillip [5333] were involved. I found out their names through survailiant footage, since the officer did not bother to introduce themself in any way.

Time and date of incident:

The Incident took place at the 27.08.2018 around 13 pm.

// The reason why this complaint is past the 24 hour limit is due to the fact that I waited for gold command to review the video. They have not come back to me yet, so I am trying to address the issue here.

Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible:

I am Santa Claus and due to climate change it is getting pretty hot at the north pole. Therefore my helpers and I decided to reschedule Christmas to an earlier date. We drove around in a red jeep, my carriage is in repair and Rudolf has a bad cold. If you think his nose was red before, let me tell you it is on a different level now.

On my patrol through Altis I was told that an officer wants to talk to me so I walk up to the officer since I wanted to check if he is on my good-boy-list. If he would have been he would have recived a present. But at the scene a cop car got stolen by people not related to us. This thieves are certainly not on my good-boy-list!

I said that I am sorry for the misfortune of the cops, I had my gun on my back, (Santa got robbed a lot last year delivering gifts) and it did not fit in my bag due to presents i had in there. I was about to leave since I thought the cops want to chase down their car. Then one of the officers Paulo Serafim greets me with: "I need you to place your hands on your head, you are in possession of an illegal fire arm".

I tried to engage in a friendly chat with the man, since I thought I could explain the circumstances but officer Serafim escalated the situation. He was not responsive to any agruments. Maybe he was not on my good-boy-list when he was younger and is resentful toward Christmas. Santa can not go to jail, because the kids of altis are counting on him. Therefore I wanted to make clear I am not going to be arrested. He knocks me out mid sentense and puts me in restraints. My helpers are trying to engage in a converstation. He runs then off alone for no apparent reason. My guess he does not like elves.  He is not yet being threatend by them. 3 of my helpers are in persuit, giving him plenty of chance to stop to continue the the converstation. Another helper is cought up in a car accident meanwhile.

Paulo Serafim is being told that his knee will be shot if he not stops and releases Santa Claus. Since the chase started the other officer is nowhere to be seen. He is probably going through my present sack in my jeep! Paulo zig zags with me in restraints. A remarkable accomplishment because he is carring Santa on his back. Not very graceful display since I have gained some belly fat during my down time at the north pole. We both get hit, Santa is very hurt now. I am bleeding all over the cop but he just keeps runing with a remarkable constitution. He does not to seem to care about Santa's life or his own.

Paulo Serafim brings me into kavala 10th street. The mayor seems not to mind that his office is now used as bastion against a mob of elves. It seems that the complex is under some kind of spell, which prevent the elves from entering it. I give away my postion to my persuing helpers by yelling for help. Christmas is ruined, Stanta Claus wounded and cuffed.

My brave elves, 3 of them, are doing their best to help me. Negoiating for Santas freedom and fighting to their last breath. Paulo cuts them down in silence. No presents for some kids this Christmas and a lot of work for Santa since he is now filing a lawsuit against Officer Serafim.

After he killed my helpers outside he takes me to a cliff and askes me if I enjoy the view. I am sure by now that he is a complete mad man. He does not seemed to be bother in the slightest that he just took so many lifes. Santa just wants to get away from him now. The ticket I had to pay is nothing compared to the hospital/funeral bills I will need to pay. So many good elves met their maker that day. May they rest in peace.

What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint:

I am accusing Paulo Serafim of being a wizzard. Because he knows mighty spells to keep my elves out of kavala 10th street.

I think he has no regard for his own life nor for the life of Santa. He endagered my and his life and brought death upon many elves which could have been prevented by talking to us in the first place.

He was quick to use excessive force, knocking me out before I even could finish my last sentence. Also a small introduction would have been in order. Not just straight forward telling me to put my hands up.

He was unresponsive. Did escalate the situation even though he was given many oppertunities to negoiate. He did not do a service for the people involved. He is more rambo than an officer.

I suggest that appart from a internal investigation, he should go back to accademy since he must have missed some important classes there. When he later was confronted (//lasion), he said that he did nothing wrong. I hope he at least gives condolences to the dead elves relatives!

Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:

// Up to minute 9, I give context prior to the situation. We were not involved in stealing the cop car, we were there to roleplay.

// Also Perspective is not being seen on my map because she is not in my gang at this moment.


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CI Creebles

Action against SGT Paulo Serafim [6634] has already been taken yesterday, July 28th 2038, prior to this PCC, by the West Altis Police Command.



Kind Regards,
Chief Inspector Creebles [4808]



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CC mryan19

Dear @Jack Rippoff

The Police Complaints Commission has received your complaint against sergeant Paulo Serafim Badge Number [6634]; we aim to deal with this complaint within 48 hours.

Kind regards,

Assistant Chief Constable mryan19.

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Dear Mr Clause

I request that you visit your nearest police station and submit yourself to a drugs test because there is no way you have the authority to change the date of Christmas!

Secondly, Santa is not above the law, and I am traumatised in the knowledge that the children of Altis may have witnessed Santa Clause and his elves, wandering the streets (in July) armed to the teeth. This does not send out the message of "peace on earth and goodwill to men" like you're always banging on about. As a role model you and your elves should be ashamed of yourselves. 

In this case, prior to the PCC, the body cam footage was reviewed and the officer was the subject of disciplinary action as they way he conducted himself fell way below our standards.  He will spend one week as a PCSO with tazer and one week as PCSO with rubber bullets. 

With that said, I can't state enough how disappointing I am by the actions of you and your elves.  I think you need to re-think your approach when dealing with the public and police, especially when fully armed with visible, illegal firearms.

PCC Closed.

Peace and goodwill

Assistant Chief Constable Long Beard Esq.


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