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John Kurz

PC John Kurz running as a candidate for mayor

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John Kurz

I offer a new brand of politics. 
The National Altis Socialist Party, NASP. 

My manifesto is:
>Taxation is to be reintroduced
>Fuel prices will be reduced
>NHS and Police will receive better government funding
>Tighter gun control
>The death penalty shall be enforced
>A government study will be made on our environment to cover the fuel economy of vehicles and the Altis wildlife crisis


>Those who have less than £500k in their accounts shall pay no tax
>Those who have between £500k and £10 Million will pay an annual rate of 3%
>Those who have over £10 Million will pay an annual fee of 7%
This will be done to increase the funding of National services

>Gun control

Gun crime is our biggest threat. To counteract this I will adopt a system requiring civilians to have an interview with the police before being issued their license.  They will then have a test to own by testing their handling skills. This will grant the civilian the right to carry a sidearm for defense and hunting.
Assualt rifles and SMGs will be banned if seen with one the punishment will be severe, a minimum of 15 years in prison.

>Death penalty

Criminals have no fear of our police, we need a new punishment to enforce that crimes will not go unpunished. Public executions will be reintroduced. This shall strike fear into the criminals.  The last executions were in the 1960s and ever since crime has been getting worse. We need this policy to enforce the law.

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Jack Dutfield

+1 we've tried the rest, its time we try the best.

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