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Recommendation: Prob. PC Jimmy Savage

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Today i was on a patrol with @Jimmy savage when we encountered 2 men. 

The men showed very poor RP, and were acting like real dicks, but during the entire situation, Jimmy stayed chill and was being nice to the men.

When i started to get pissed at the 2 lads, Jimmy simply talked to the men with respect, much more than they gave to him.


When it came to fining the man, i let Jimmy decide his punishment, and he chose a 10k fine and a warning (Max was 75k and scrap of helicopter), after this, the ungrateful man ran away. A lengthy car chase followed, and once we captured the men (both downed from a crash) one of them simply respawned while on way to the hospital, and that man later came to his friends location (borderline metagaming), both men showed extremely poor rp after being caught.

However through all of this, Jimmy was kind, friendly and showed excellent rp.


I think Jimmy will make a wonderful PC, people like him are the reason i love this community.

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