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[DR] Joe Cracker, [PAR] Ted Farr, [STU] Jeff

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This was by far the funniest RP situation i ever had lol

I was trying to land in Kavala and i somehow ejected myself from the heli. And well i was left strandling in the middle of an alley and these guys came to my rescue.

They bravely took their helicopter and got to Kavala quite fast, even though they were more than 10km away from me!

It was really nice interacting with all of them, i broke my spine and they had to give me a walking stick, they told me to visit the doctor tomorrow and i got to suck on a lollipop.


And then... I crashed my car after like 2 minutes.

They came back again, much faster now. I told them that i need to go to the hospital, cause i broke my spine before and i don't believe i am going to survive for long. They took me to their helicopter and we got to the hospital in Kavala. I told one of them that he should visit the gym cause he is very slow at transporting me to the hospital building, well he laughed a bit. He told me that i am going to be okay and that christmas will be here in just a bit, he said that you will be able to drink some whiskey, but nah... i told him that whiskey is bad for you, instead you should take some medical marijuana and he said noo... Well you should try some.


We got inside the hospital, and they had to put in big syringe (3 times the size of the first one in the first response) as they said. They gave me a lollipop to suck on and shoved the Syringe with the white stuff inside and i was SCREAMING, but in the end it was soo good... They gave me more lollipops to suck and we parted ways after they gave me another walking stick.


Really sad that i didn't record this. Would be soo hillarious.

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PAR Jeff Atlas

It was fun having that experience with


greetings.   STU. Jeff

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