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Joel, PCSO J Naylor and PC Tigerforce

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Myself, @J Naylor and @Kieran tigerforce had an amazing RP experience with a civilian by the name of Joel today.

We had pulled him over in Kavala square and J Naylor lead the scene with Joel in order to get him to comply, using perfect terminology and a stern yet respectful manner.

The teamwork between the patrol was impeccable due to Naylor's great communication and lead to a very quick capture of Joel. Joel had committed 6 murders.

Joel was in possession of an illegal firearm, and we followed procedure in making the gun safe and storing it in our vehicle. Joel then showed signs of insanity, talking about 21st century fox, Nixon, and aliens with machine guns. 

We decided to take him down to Kavala Hospital - where the doctors put him in a special machine and confirmed that he had a very rare mental illness. Our next step was to take Joel to HMP Altis' Mental Health Ward, where he would receive treatment for 5 years.

Apart from small disturbances to our roleplay from trolls, this was an amazing RP experience and Joel did a fantastic job for over an hour, never breaking character and always being interesting to deal with.

Overall, great job to Joel, Tigerforce and Naylor!!

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