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Scott Weiland

A video from your friendly neighbourhood gang Origin.

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Looking for that spot clearly my god xD

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Fabrizio R R H
On 08/01/2019 at 15:32, MrLongSlong said:

ah right cause people sitting on a boat by themselves for almost indefinite amount of time is great roleplay

No, it's more of a punishment, lets face it people rather want to die, rather than "waste" time in the ocean, causing them in a position where they're unable to cause trouble, lets take a rebel for example, if he get captured, he'd rather get killed so he can gear up and go with his friends again, rather than going to prison, waste 15/20 minutes in there and then gear up and meet up with the friends 😉 A punishment in MY eyes, is not necesarrily killing people, just make them a tad angry 😉

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