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The brown-green eyes of the Balkans

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(Disclaimer: This is fictional, character name is real, but everything about it in here hardly is)

My name is Nemanya Vanya Mudrity, I was born on 22nd of October, 1996., in a small of Zrenyanin, on north of Serbia.

I lived for a long time with my family. It was a family of four, my father, my mother and my younger sister. My father comes from a humble, working family and is same, he was in the army and had basic army training. He was an electrician and was very intelligent and knew all sorts of stuff and facts.

My mother came from a working, humble family as well. She worked a lot of jobs, but mainly was a housewife, taking care of me and my younger sister untill she sadly died of cancer after 6 years of fighting against that dreadful illness. She was intelligent and ingenious. 

My younger sister, that grew up with me, stayed in Serbia, got married, has given birth to a cute girl a few years ago and has a stable job.

I, on the other hand, graduated Secondary School of Electrical Engineering, after graduating Elementary school, and graduated College of Electrical Engineering as well, all with IT based majors, except the elementary.

In 2020 Serbia has reintroduced the mandatory military service, and I was 24 years old at that time, which meant I had to go. After the service I worked as a programmer at Schweider Electric and as a trucker for Serbian Oil Industry (SOI). Later, in 2025, the Schweider Electric chose me to be their General Manager of Altis branch. I accepted the offer, quoted the job at SOI and was on my way to sunny Altis. I was later fired from Schweider for unknown reasons, which led to me starting my own trucking business and oil drilling company, Trucking Inc.

Liked it or not, I'm here on Altis, and this was my story.

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