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@Tuxninja7 Sorry to hear this, If you want to discuss this further please message me on Teamspeak (ts.roleplay.co.uk) and I shall discuss this matter with you as I'm sure there will be other reasons behind there approach to you. So please message me on TS and we can find a resolution.

-CST. Louie Austino

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I feel that in light what was brought up in the mainstream media today and commented on by a minister of the UK government yesterday players should refrain from roleplaying suicide and this community and its members should ignore completely players doing so on the server.

There might be some rules about this in the future, This is something unfortunately that we have not had the immediate time to discuss

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Hi I was the CST that allowed a DNR to be put on you, i can understand your frustration with in this issue, however please understand that medics are very busy on the sever and we are happy to treat suicide once or twice but i was told you had attempted to throw yourself off a building many times in a row. when at this point we are then getting moaned at by other people who are not receving fair treatment becasue we are being held up dealing with you over and over and over again. so please do try to understand there are 128 other people on the sever as well not just you and yes roleplay is important but doing it over and over again becomes a waste of medics time. if you have any further issues with it i will be more than happy to speak to you myself on TS if not i hope you have a great day. 

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