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So today I got told by the Government to check on how police procedures and security of the compound actually were.

Dressed up the best I could, me and some of my associates tried our best to get to the vault and wait to see if we could’ve emptied the vault or not in time (we didn’t took anything, just waiting and checking time).

First try we got to the vault, however police helicopter came by with multiple officers.


Positive Points:

- Didn’t get detected by our scouts

- Very quick response on landing and checking the inside of the building


Negative Points:

-Failed to check the building to the fullest and ran past me multiple times without noticing


This however was not too bad since I was stuck inside without even being able to gather the money.


In the second attempt, my associate opened the door and we ran outside to hide ourselfs and wait to see how would the police procede this time. Multiple officers started by checking the outside and after a while they caught me.


Fastastic work done by the Altis Police making sure this place is highly secured (which supposedly was not the case a month or so ago, Goverment Officials information).


This information will be passed to my Higher Ups so they can proceed with their affairs knowing that location is highly secured.


Officer of Arrest - PC Mint


Officer of Process - SGT Jefke


Good work to all the officers involved, keep it up.


Yours truly Mayor of Altis Pupss.





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Charles Vane

I didnt vote for you to help the police in there response times... 

You will pay for this Mr Mayor

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