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Thanks to Everyone in this video.

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Hey there RPUK! And yes I am still alive lmao, anyways it was getting late into the night and I was just randomly scrolling through my old videos and I found this great video. Legit, watching this makes me want to go back in time and re life moments like this one. I would like to thank EVERYONE that took part in this huge patrol and thank everyone for the great time I have had playing on this server for about 2 years, met tons of people where I still speak to frequently. I posted this in recommend a player because again, I would like to thank everyone and show everyone what a fun time we have had and I hope stuff like this still happens and that everyone that plays still enjoys the server to the fullest.

Thanks 🙂

Edit: Lmao I was only a SGT back then hahaha #Academybestconstab


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