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Operation Guardian - Ended

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Operation Guardian - Ended



Written by INS Ponty ℅ Armed Response Command


Back on the 23rd of March 2039, Armed Response started an initiative titled Operation Guardian to target large organised crime groups to prevent crimes linked to firearms. Armed Response conducted many house raids based off of credible intelligence and patrolled more visibly in high-priority areas. These actions led us to seize a massive haul of firearms, illegal goods, and military vehicles.

We evaluated the known firearms on Altis and classified them into 3 categories, being based on criteria related to calibre, lethality, and ease of access. The categories were; Low-tier, Mid-tier, and High-tier firearms. (This was prior to recent changes to weapons involving high capacity magazines fitting more firearms.)

After over 4 weeks of patrols, raids and civilians handing in their firearms, we are announcing that Operation Guardian has come to a close, meaning we can announce the following statistics.

In monetary value, we seized over £350,000,000 worth of illegal goods, with 404 firearms (L 61 | M 106 | H 237), 216 unique high-grade gear, 371 stolen goods, and 22 military vehicles all being removed from the streets.


A full breakdown of statistics can be seen below;



Low tier firearms | 61 firearms seized | £5,695,000 | Top 3 firearms seized - AKS-74u 5.45mm, TRG-21 5.56mm, Mk20 5.56mm

Mid tier firearms | 106 firearms seized | £20,225,000 | Top 3 firearms seized - MXM 6.5mm, MX 6.5mm, Katiba 6.5mm

High tier firearms | 237 firearms seized | £92,410,000 | Top 3 firearms seized - MXSW 6.5mm, Mk-1 EMR 7.62mm, CAR-95-1 5.8mm



207 individual attachments seized | £74,000,000 | 45 7.62mm suppressors | 95 6.5mm Suppressors | 47 5.8mm Suppressors | 8 LRPS'



371 individual stolen goods retrieved | £113,553,000 | 330 Gold bars | £14,553,000 cash stacks | 26 Weapons bags | 14 Money bags



22 vehicles were scrapped | £48,500,000 | 14 Ifrits | 1 Hunter | 7 50.Cal offroads



As I close this thread, Armed Response would like to thank the efforts of the frontline police officers and multi-agency specialist units in supporting us achieve this haul of firearms and illegal goods. We hope we have made an impact on large organised firearms related crime.



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