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Poseidon Periodic News Beat

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Poseidon Promotional Video

The Poseidon promotion footage here, read by Raptor Poseidon, directed by Jeep Triton, Co-Written by Qrow Poseidon and featuring several unnamed members of Poseidon whom are now likely deceased due to our speedy turn-around around here. Poseidon, you’ll never want to leave!.. Because you’re dead.

New baron Of Orion

Since the last update a new Baron has been appointed for Orion. We would like to welcome Baron Simon Orion to the leadership of the Orion family. Despite being completely unheard of and unknown we are sure that Simon can’t be worse than Qrow


Quad Bike Race

As part of Poseidon's initiative to relieve stress from members hard days at work, we set up a large scale quad bike race from Pyrgos to Kavala. This race showcased the competitive nature that the families have between one another with many Poseidon members finding themselves laid up staring at the sky counting daisies. Altis Police force was happy to assist the Poseidon Cartel in this venture by rounding up all the lazy lay about Cartel Members and delivering them to one super safe and secure facility. There was some talk of terrorism and a charge, whatever that was about.



Lobos Assemble

Like the Avengers, except they have guns and are squishy flesh bags. So basically nothing like the Avengers. With the ever increasing threat from Police and rebels attempting to hinder our operations it was more apparent that we would need to invest in some higher security. With the leftover money seized from ‘Operation Sympathy for the Wanted’ and profits from our Casino, a shipment of weapons and clothes were smuggled into the country through one of our various routes. With this a new division of the Cartel was born. Lobos, which for all you indignant types basically means timber wolves. Much like timber wolves, they have yet to instil fear in local police forces.


Poseidon Pawnee Come to fruition

The Poseidon Pawnee, snuck in on the last delivery of new equipment to the Island. Raptor has coveted Poseidon’s only Pawnee and as such it is forever garaged in his house. Some strange writing has appeared on said Pawnee and Raptor himself hasn’t been seen for days.
All hail the one Pawnee. The one to bind them. The one to rule them all.


Poseidon Trucks

Poseidon took one out of the police playbook here and blocked in a police car with some large trucks. Who says you can’t teach an old fish new tricks, learn by doing. That’s what we say. 43IQ9x3.jpg


Drug Convoy

As a Drug Cartel, Poseidon often conducts large scale drugs convoys. This is pretty obvious, but there it is. In this newsletter. Hi Mum, Hi Cops!

We at Poseidon command would like to reiterate that kids buy drugs, drugs pay for guns, guns are loaded with bullets, and bullets kill people. Therefore the real killers here are the kids. Poseidon suggests an easy solution to this would be to put all of the kids in prison for 15 years and is our current Mayoral candidate policy.   


Casino being hit?

The Poseidon Casino is rarely attacked these days, but we have encountered several visits from Ofcom regulation investigating our taxes and platinum quality. We haven’t heard back from the sampling office, if anyone could give us more information on Platinum Inspectors Inc. of 123 FakeKavala Street KV12 F4K3 that would be most appreciated by the brothers Poseidon.

Related image


Slapped by the Sea Dogs… Again

Poseidon’s Sea Dogs are proving to be effective as always in the fight against sea tyranny. Pictured below with yet another Speedboat Minigun to add to our growing collection. Soon Poseidon will be able to send its own fleet out.
The Sea Dogs last venture in torture revealed that the Police have already started to name their boats after Orion and Triton. Presumably foreseeing their eventual theft and saving the cartel some time on the repainting.  


Rattus Norvegicus

As part of the Cartels ‘Reach Out’ programme our sister company RatBusters undertook some contract work at the RBA International. The Altis Police Service were more than forthcoming in opening up the doors and letting us take the goods inside back to our secure depot. The Cartel appreciates you cooperation throughout this process. 


George finally reveals the Cash

Many members of the Cartel may be wondering where some of the money that they have earned had gone. Finally George reveals the cash and there was let's say a rush to get it.

George's Money

Your faction will be gone in 6 months!

The Police. 12 Months ago, June 2018. Happy Birthday PoseidonImage result for birthday cake.


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Ant Arni
33 minutes ago, Qrow said:

for all you indignant types


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Decent bro. If u need someone to proof read it next time, feel free to hit me up. X

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@MrLongSlong i enjoyed most of the quad bike race :<

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Dat Pleb Thou

If you cant beat them...Join them 😉

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