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I AM Offended

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right, the title probably says enough but here comes the explaination.
In the recent years there were lots of changes, in social media and how we are *expected to behave.
i have found this video on youtube i felt like sharing it, not because its rather amusing to watch but also to try and bring some awarnes.

now i do not encourge people to say offensive word to others, but the whole "i am offended so i will report and get you banned" has gone way too far.

now everyone is aware of the N word, yet i am 100% sure the majority of people saying it are not darkere colored or from that origin, and neither are the people receiving the insult.
Yet they get offended, same with Retard or any mental or physical disabilities.
and again, i am not encouraging people to insult people in this manner, but i do think people should stop playing ow so fragile.


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