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INS Snuffles

Choose an event for Saturday or Sunday!

Choose an event for Saturday/Sunday!  

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  1. 1. What would people prefer the most for an event, either this Saturday or Sunday?

    • Riddles - Guess a location based on riddles, and then travel to it.
    • Hide and seek - Everyone should know what it is.
    • A race - Can be a go-kart race/quad-bike, etc.
    • Altis Got Talent - Would require more planning, therefor won't be able to be hosted this week.

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  • Poll closed on 09/27/19 at 21:59

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INS Snuffles

As the title says, I want people's opinion on an event for this Saturday or Sunday. 


My plan is to make some sort of weekly theme based event, mainly non-gunfights. It'll start from next week, so I'll get some themes planned, and see people's opinion about it, but until then, why not host an event this Saturday or Sunday? So go vote for an event, just remember, the Altis Got Talent is going to require more planning, hence why I'm not going to be able to host it this week.


I wish you a continuation of your wonderful day!

Best regards


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If you need help, Msg me!

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