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PLF Wolf

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PLF Wolf

On returning to Arma mods, i thought where better to try out than my original server.. not sure what to expect as the server has been around for so long.. running threw kavala hearing guys ask for guns to kill people thinking to myself "ok here we go im gonna get rdmd" quickly made my way out of kavala, meeting up with some other PLF members ( not that anyone will remember us) we decided to rob some gas stations to see what the cops brought, and oh boy they brought it minutes later a chopper landed on top of me, flustering at my key binds trying to get in my damn hemmt, the chase began. getting caught minutes later, its clear that one thing has never changed on this server, the sheer quality of the police force here, in particular @Magic Mike @Magic_Mike, top notch RP didn't break it once even when i did by habit of not playing life mods. Only down side was a random officer crushing my hemmtt without the arresting officers say sad times iv had that truck since 2014 haha, Mike, apologies for how rusty i am! hope to see you out there again.

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