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Scott Weiland

DMT at Lakka bugged air spawn

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Scott Weiland

Whenever you take out a Orca there is a chance of it spawning inside the ground or in the air making it bounce on the ground for a bit then it falls over and explodes. 

I have encountered this when the server was more full and there was a bit more lag around and this was much more consistent then. While when I went on the server to test it out it was around 40 people on and it only bugged out a few times. Perhaps move the spawn a bit back to the flatter ground ? 🙂

I have only seen it happen with Orcas for now but perhaps someone else knows if there is a bug with other helis such as the Mohawk/Taru/Huron at this location ? Or perhaps the dev team can take a quick testing of it.

Here is a video of me testing it pulling out multiple orcas showing that it does bug out sometimes and doesnt explode and other times it bugs out and explodes.


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