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Poseidon Purpose Response [08/10/2019]

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Poseidon Purpose Response [08/10/2019]


Good evening from your whitelisted rebel gang leaders. 
In support of and in competition with the smaller, ill funded rebel groups everywhere.

This is a letter to the opposition. 
To spell it out, that would be the incredulously well armed military faction posing as the police. 

Let's start with a bit of a history lesson
The UNMC got whinged about pretty much none stop by police, and rebels. Much in the same vein as this. From outsiders looking in, they were abrasive to say the least.
The UNMC ultimately was disbanded.

What did this lead to?
Several players being removed from the community. 
A number of UNMC players joined the police. The police swelled and without the UNMC there to provide a buffer the Rebels got bullied. A lot, and relentlessly.
We couldn't wait for a new faction. There were suggestions for one left, right and centre.

The purpose of Poseidon out of roleplay is to provide that buffer. To give you that break, so that it's not just cops vs rebels day in, day out. So that you have the opportunity to do a run while the cops are distracted. So you don't just get picked on by 35 police officers with nothing better to do.

What does that mean for Poseidon?
It means we're the one in the middle that gets attacked on both sides. When the rebels don't want to go  at the cops too much. They come at us. 
When the cops need something to do, or want a guarantee of a fight, they come at us. 
Looking back it seems silly to blame the UNMC for being so abrasive when they took up the same mantle.

Poseidon is rebel life on the cheap?
Poseidon pay 66% for weapons and 100% for many of the clothes and some magazines, but the average Poseidon member is probably killed more often than the average Police officer who pays nothing. The UNMC had an 80% reduction.
Charles Vane himself last night said that he lost £20,000,000 being in Poseidon. That was when gear was at the cheaper 80% reduction not the the 33% it is now!

Poseidon has been going now for 1 Year, 3 Months and 29 Days at the time of writing (That’s right, we beat your “they’ll only last 6 months” not once, but twice, soon to be thrice!)
Over this time we have seen a lot of changes within the faction itself as well as the server as a whole.

Poseidon have to find a line between being kind and being cruel.
Unfortunately it is apparent that there are players within our community who find it difficult to distinguish OOC from IC. When Poseidon members are harsh, abrasive, nasty and generally acting like the scum off the floor you would expect a lowlife run of the mill Cartel member to act like, people get upset. This has caused a lot of tension in developing the factions identity.

Thus our roleplay is guided from what assets and features we have available to us at the time. Over the course of the last year we have been adopting our roleplay to try and suit the nature of the server and the direction it is moving. 

A change in response to the community feeling that Poseidon were too overpowered in protecting a civilian from would be robbers drove changes to our roleplay and ethos.
For example; When 5-6 Poseidon show up for 1 robber it gave an unfair advantage to us and nearly always Poseidon won a situation, protecting civilian assets and costing rebels money. In short, we made the “best run” safe.

We took this onboard and our roleplay shifted to have a form of payment or reward for us which persuades us to go over and help out the civilian. Infact, if Poseidon protect a civilian through the course of roleplay currently, then payment is forced upon them. This for sure meant that civilians were getting robbed and shafted but it levelled out the playing field.

Poseidon Drug Locations
We always try where possible to spread our drug runs out so that the run isn’t a money farm for lots of players. We are bound by some server restrictions meaning we physically can’t place the fields and processors in some areas that we like. So far we have had runs that are close together which were too easy for rebels to make major amounts of money quickly and we have done trials putting them in places which make it a lot harder to make the money. Currently the drug dealer is in the Uranium zone, not ideal for heading there quickly to sell stuff and takes a bit more planning with getting the suit and helmet but isn’t this what people were wanting. Stopping the economy getting out of control earning loads of money and the run taking longer, but still having the run there? People complaining about this specific location is confusing, it without a doubt adds a more interesting interaction that some other locations, more planning, more danger and with that more excitement. 

Getting involved in gunfights
Inevitably gunfights are always going to be a thing and we have to find the balance between when some are necessary and when they are pointless. We totally agree with Charles Vane that landing in the middle of a gunfight waiting to be shot to start shooting everyone is unacceptable and personally if we saw this they would have a lot of explaining to do. When command cannot see this happening we need to be told by you, the players, so we can deal with it as it arises. 
A better way to sum this up would be that there are members of our cartel, the "rotten apples", that spoil things for others. They are not only found here but they will be rooted out eventually. 
The changes that Poseidon have implemented within themselves recently have lead to more gunfight scenarios developing and a greater Poseidon presence outside of the territories. Obviously this will be considered and looked at, off the back of the constructive comments in this post. 

Your Suggestions
There are lots of minor and major changes that the community have suggested that Poseidon Command fully support and have been supporting for a long time. We hope this puts at ease some of you. 

We hope you can believe us when we tell you that there is plenty on the table that Poseidon would like to have. Plenty of interactions overhauls, and developmental changes that are sat waiting for implementation but the reality is that Poseidon's development comes second. (At least we hope we're second 😉
Protecting you guys from the nasties of the internet and online gaming comes first and foremost for the development team in many cases and we are thankful that we have a server to play on that isn't blown up every 30 seconds by some kiddie with nothing better to do.

Moving Forward
We would like to thank the people who have provided some constructive criticism throughout the forum posts. Those posting meaningless drivel or inflammatory gifs its plain as day that you simply have an axe to grind against the Cartel for some personal slights you have decided to harbour.

So with that being said we urge people to take a look at our quarterly news beats we put out which highlight some of the best roleplay we have had over the past few months and ways in which we are trying to allow everyone to have a fun time on the server.



Capo Qrow: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/50078-qrow/
Capo Raptor: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/44202-raptoram/
Capo George: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/44278-george-harris/

Baron Slawek: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/38325-slawek-orion/
Baron Nuclear: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/42639-nuclear/
Baron Jeep: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/53454-lil-jeep/

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