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More factory craftables



More factory craftables

Brief Summary:

Adding more craftable items to the factory


Detailed Suggestion:

Currently it is possible with the Viper license to craft suppressors for 7.62, what is not craftable are spike strips and zipties (wether these should be craftable without Viper is a matter for reasoned discussion and invite everyone to participate) I would suggest that these are added as well as adding other cool items such as enhanced FAKs which act as a multi functional Swiss army knife that allows dragging too including multiple uses

The Pros:

Adds more content for rebels in a balanced yet fair manner allowing for mass crafting.

Enhances player interaction by creating a p2p market.

Brings more attention to lesser used runs for use as ingredients in crafting.

The Cons:

Could be seen as more work for rebels.

Could upset balance by making spikes trips more accessible. (yet its still very easy to acquire spikes trips, so I don't believe there would be a massive impact

Does this suggestion change balance on the server ?

Possibly but depending on what is required to make items im sure it will be very easy to balance out.

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Yet another way to make viper more and more appealing, and to balance the economy while not ripping off rebels. Fat +1

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