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Recon Nine

Sirens stay on (client-side)

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Recon Nine

I have been experiencing this problem occasionally ever since the sirens update:


  • If I exit a police vehicle that has sirens on sometimes the sirens stay on even if the driver turns them off. 
  • I tried getting into the car and turning on and off the sirens but then I just hear double sirens.
  • Even if you impound/scrap or return the vehicle. the sirens stay at that fixed location. 
  • Only thing that solves it is leaving the vicinity of that car(which isn't always possible)
  • soft-logging.
  • It has happened in a bunch of different types of vehicles (suv's, sporties and vans)
  • I have heard some other people had the same problem.


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I happens if you quickly switch siren modes continuously I had noticed.

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