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Donator / Lifetime Donator / Investor Clothing & Vehicle textures

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We have spoken previously that we would like to in the future give back to the people that keep our community funded.

Unlike other communities we are uncomfortable in offering perks that give players advantages and we are uncomfortable in making things or standard skins available in Arma "donator only", they should and will remain always remain available to all.

Already we have coloured usernames coded into Altis Life that will appear over donators heads (like the forum usernames) and the ability to have clothing that only donators can wear.

However so far there is only 1 design and that is our logo on a T-Shirt just like the one in the merch store! So before we can release this there is some cosmetic work to be done and what better than ask our very own crayon club!

What would you like to wear as a donator or what texture would you like on your vehicle ?

We look forward to seeing your designs.

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