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Poseidon News Beat June 2020

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Poseidon News Beat June 2020

New Capo’s & Baron’s

Since the last news beat (yes I know almost a year ago) Poseidon command has welcomed in some new members. George and Nuclear are now Capos with Bowen, Henry and Stubley each being Baron of Orion, Atlas and Triton respectively.

The Three Brothers


Poseidon Hat Delivery

With the police putting a stop to officers wearing hats several members of the Altis Police Service contacted the Cartel to see if we could help them out. Poseidon delivered over 1000 hats to police officers in Kavala and Athira utilising our inconspicuous quad bike method. With a nice sum of cash in our hands we questioned:
‘’Whats next? Police going to start doing protests against gold command’’ 
We shall see….


War has Begun...


As of May 18th 2040 Sentinel have declared war on the Poseidon Cartel due them being put on the red list. For some reason I can’t think that this would be a good idea?...


War has Ended...


As quick as it began Sentinel begged for our forgiveness 14 days later. At least we got to make a cool banner, cheers @ShadowDirector. I think the saying goes ‘Don’t start what you can’t finish’...


New Casino

With profits at an all time high the Cartel has decided to relocate and upgrade our casino.
New security systems with cameras, bullet proof windows and the best locking system we could afford. With flashy new slot machines it is no wonder the vaults were being attacked as much as 3 times a day! Fortunately we were able to equip some local hooligans with pistols and they successfully waved off these attacks.


How Much!!??

Bi-Annual accounts are due and we are pleased to announce that over the last 2 years we have been able to recover £1,543,679,801 from Her Majesty's treasury. Our methods of obtaining this cash may have turned a few eyes but we assure you no civilians were harmed in the taking of this money. 

We would like to say a big thank you for allowing us to have some great nights out!



Poseidon's 2nd Anniversary

'Your faction will be gone in 6 months'
The Police, 24 months ago, June 2018. Here’s to the next one 🍻.




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George Harris 

Poseidon Cartel | Capo      The Firm | Associate

2017 - - 2021

 Level 4 Staff Member   Ex- Chief Inspector    Capo Of Poseidon    NHS Doctor 

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