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Additional Large Elliptical Redzone



Additional Large Elliptical Redzone

Brief Summary:

An additional, non capture zone, elliptical capture zone around the research facility.


Detailed Suggestion:

The image shows the new additional red-zone (red) and the current approximate capture area (blue)

There should be a large elliptical capture zone around the capture zone to assist people defending. Defenders will have greater opportunity to kill slamming vehicles.

The elliptical zone discourages sniping by keeping the red-zone off the hills, and making the battle-space in the flat lands to the west and east. This should give space for and encourage decamp battles between MRAPS, and other vehicles.

The new elliptical zone has some exposure from the reeds to the north and south of the compound, however there is a balanced amount of reed real estate. More towards the DMT, less towards south east/west deer-stands.

Elliptical Zone

X: 20963.55 Y: 19237.682
A: 267.441 B: 165.434
Z: 6.748

The Pros:

- More space to fight in
- Easier for defenders to defend against attacking vehicles
- Area for MRAP/vehicle de-camp battles

The Cons:

- More reed coverage to the north, however this is somewhat balanced due to the presence of the DMT.
- A tiny bit harder to push


- Eldark said it could slow down the battle (but this could be tested for a week)

Does this suggestion change balance on the server ?

This suggestion should help improve balance in fights, and make it a bit more challenging to push.
We may see more MRAPs being pulled for fights in these zones.

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Simon Ross

Literally solves every issue with this zone 

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I've had a bit of a think, and I'd like your guys opinion on this. 

Is the zone too long towards the East? 

I feel that it gives too much time for a player pushing in a vehicle to be ripped from south east, central and north east deer-stands as well as the DMT. 

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