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Capture zone stats website


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RPUK Zone Stats

Using the new API for capture zone statistics I made a website which showcases it all in neat tables.
All displayed in a nice dark theme (shamelessly taken from Discord's colour pallete).

You can find the website here: https://zonestats.nomad.gdn
If you guys have any ideas or find any bugs/weird behaviour let me know!

This is not an official RPUK website, it's not provided nor maintained by RPUK.

If you're curious the code is open source and can be found here: https://github.com/LinusOP/zone-stats
It's built in VueJS using the Vuetify component library.

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The website has now been updated to include more data!
Including Deaths, a K/D ratio and how many of your kills were on rebels/police/poseidon.

PS. Not seeing it all? Click that dropdown arrow 😉 

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