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Gang Channel Cleanup - September 2020

CC Gordon

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CC Gordon
Staff Team Wiki Editor Altis Police Senior Poseidon Member


As you may have noticed, some Teamspeak channels have been removed! We're trying to slim down the amount of channels on the server to make it easier to navigate for old and new players alike.

Below I've listed all current gangs that have channels alongside the amount of sub-channels that they currently have.

All of the group channel headers currently have a "*" before their name. This will be removed by staff as each group is processed. Please DO NOT remove this yourself.

[TCF] The Callaghan Family [FiveM] - 5
[TCOR] The Corleone Family [FiveM] - 4
[TDCC] The Downtown Cab Co [FiveM] - 3
[TF] The Firm [FiveM] - 4
[GSF] Grove Street Family [FiveM] - 5
[TL] The Legion [FiveM] - 3
[TMF] The Morrison Family [FiveM] - 3
[OBP] O'Brian & Sons' Pub - 3

Could a single gang leader from each of the above gangs/groups please reply below using the template. 

Group Name: 

Current Group Leader(s):

Due to the implementation of in-game radios. FiveM Group channels will only be permitted to have a single header channel, 1 open channel and 1 locked channel, staff will arrange this for you after you have replied below confirming that the gang/group is still active.

Groups who have been seen to be active on teamspeak who plan to "ignore" this thread in order to keep their extra channels until the the end of the required period may face additional additional consequences.

Groups have until the 30th of this month to complete this. If this has not been completed by this point, all channels for that group will be removed.

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Altis Police Senior
Group Name: Grove Street Family

Current Group Leader(s): Felix Snow, Magic Mike


~Staff Edit~ Done @CC Gordon

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Altis Police
Group Name: The Morrison Family

Current Group Leader(s): Coozer, Appleby, Oliver

~Staff Edit~ Done @CC Gordon

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Wiki Editor Altis Police
Group Name: The Firm

Current Group Leader(s):Santo, Jack Daniels


~Staff Edit~ Done @CC Gordon

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Shepherd Kingston
Altis Police

Delete the Callaghan channels, we wont use them as there is the ingame radio but if the teamspeak tag could remain to identify official members that would be great, thanks.

~Staff Edit~ Done @Aiden

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Mike Polo



Group Name:  O`briens and sons pub

Current Group Leader(s): Mike Polo, Corrie Healy


~Staff Edit~ Done @Robbie

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Poseidon Member
Group Name: The Downtown Cab Co

Current Group Leader(s): Joshua(Raymond Fowler) Lube(Jackie Meoff) and Harri

~Staff Edit~ Done @Robbie

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