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Cowleys Marathon Run


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"Hey boys, I'm doing a charity run from Kavala to Pygros in Aid of the LETS GET COWLEY A HURON FUND. anybody able to donate to this incredible and life changing fund! However small or big the donation will be massively appreciated! Thanks x"



What is it?

Cowley is a Hobo. He wants a Huron and is happy to spend his fucking life earning the money for it.



Pledges & Donations


Yu Wong - Donate £2,500,000

Sarge - Donate £500,000

Please comment any donations 🙂

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I want to watch the whole thing on the radio 

1 minute ago, Nikolai said:

second time you're asking for money to buy something smh 😉

It’s Cowley not me, read the post- I’m donating 2.5m u fat fuck

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Altis Police

I remember I done a marathon in game for a badge on the forms... i wish it was for money 

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CSN Christoffer

The Art Of War
Massive thanks to everyone who donated to Cowley's charity last night.
Here is a speed up video of the run to prove it was done. Enjoy!

*NOTE* If your donation wasn't on the end credits then that is my bad. Your donation is still much appreciated! 

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