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How Poseidon Effectively Secure Towers

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1 hour ago, TommyZ said:

I'm the sounded person around?

Sounded person around?.. bit of a joke when you are trying to start drama on the forums. This shows your true colours.

1 hour ago, TommyZ said:

I really don't know why I've been blacklisted for posting CCTV footage of something that shouldn't be happening?

Pretty clear that you were not blacklisted for that now is it. Wise up.

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5 hours ago, Dylan01 said:

@pikicar calling poseidon 'pussies' is rather immature if you ask me, especially while behind a screen over the Internet.

hahahahaha is this a "fight me in real life kid" argument ?
You are a fucking joke hahahahahahahaha

I dont mind drama, but I do think that if simon ross was pusidon command, thered be more gucci plays from the faction

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9 hours ago, TommyZ said:

As we can clearly see in the CCTV footage below, they love to tickle each other, run up and down stairs, and spin in continuous circles

Guess what... 90% of the people who play here do that whilst running up DMTs so don't get why you're surprised 

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4 minutes ago, Dylan01 said:

@pikicar so I'm a joke but you are literally sitting arguing with a 16 year old laddie over Arma 3, get a fkn life man honestly.

you are a joke... im not arguing with some rando, im saying random shit that took me 12sec to come up with and you are getting triggered by it and crying how i wouldnt say it to some scrub irl

reading your dumb shit makes my day better ❤️

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Clearly people ain't mature enough for this post not to be locked without making things personal over a game.

"(C5.3) Creating threads with the intention to cause issues or drama"

"(C5.1) Common sense - This is an adult community and a lot of the rules come down to common sense, do not swear at people, troll people, bully people."

In future @TommyZif you feel something is off, make a report, creating a thread like this is only going to make people get personal and ree.

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