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SGT. Foxyy


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Honestly, no clue where to start by far had one of the best rp experiences in a looooonggg time .... I've been trying to rp as a lawyer but for some reason many cops were not into that whole idea of spending time to rp but anyway I show up to NPAS and meet SGT.Foxyy i introduce myself as a lawyer and all and he goes with it i offer him my credentials and for some reason discord was being buggy and did not go through at that point i thought that was it because some cops wouldn't continue and try to Rp. But to my surprise he didn't mind that it wouldn't go through and he allowed me to speak to the client privately. I then talked to him privately and cleared up some points of what had happened and low and behold for maybe 20 or 30 min before the sandstorm came we were just talking the situation out rather than no he's going to jail full stop.


I did record some parts of the situation and will hopefully get it for some of ya''ll to watch..


and  SGT.Foxyy if you see this thank you for your patience with me through trying to get discord to work to me wanting to talk privately with both you and my client keep up the great work mate!!


one final thing to any superior of SGT. Foxyy i do recommend him for some praise / promotion? 

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