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King Of The Hill 2020 - Arma3 Event

CC Gordon

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Here we are... King Of The Hill 2020. You asked for it, so here it is. Below is all of the details that you'll need to know about this one-time event. Don't miss out, we'd love to see you there!

Been living under a rock? Don't like to "frag"? Then you may not have heard of King Of The Hill! Released back in 2015 by Sa-Matra, this gamemode has quickly risen to becoming one of (if not the most) popular available. The game is simple, earn points by remaining inside of the zone, or for those daring, enter the priority zones and earn even more points! With 3 teams available (BLUFOR, OPFOR & INDEP), it's the first team to 100 points that wins! There's plenty of videos available online if you're still not sure... Or you can just take my word for it... It's fun.

To try and keep things on a level playing field, all players on the event server will have KOTH level of 99 & £1,000,000 in the bank to spend on all the guns you could dream of!

As per popular demand, the event will take place on the 21st of November, at 20:00 (8PM)

C4G (Code 4 Gaming) Have kindly allowed us usage of their Events Server privately for this event, the server will be password protected.

We advise getting yourself into the "ARMA 3 KOTH Room" located towards the top of Teamspeak by 7:45. At 8:00 we'll let you know of the server details & password and you'll be able to begin playing.

The first game will see a unique, one time only "KOTH Champion" TS tag being handed out to the top 10 players of the leaderboard (Can be checked by pressing 'P' ingame) at the end of the first game. Only the best of the best will be receiving this tag, can you stay ahead of the competition? If you're in the top 10 by the end of the first game, take a screenshot! You'll need it in order to redeem your Teamspeak Tag.

As we're making use of a C4G server, all KOTH C4G rules will apply on their game server. they can be found  - You are responsible for following these rules, breaches of them may result in global KOTH server bans!

Any questions? Ask below!

Good Luck!

As detailed above, this event will be taking place on a server that is NOT managed, operated or controlled by Roleplay.co.uk - By participating in this event, you recognise this and accept any inherent risks.

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is this tag only top ten on the first game or is it top ten for each game?

Also I think I can speak for everyone when I say please let's not do kavala 🙂


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19 hours ago, CC Gordon said:

Infantry only, all standard KOTH weapons

Any chance that can be changed to: "All standard KOTH Weapons (Excluding Navid and SPMG)"


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4 hours ago, Simen said:

Any chance that can be changed to: "All standard KOTH Weapons (Excluding Navid and SPMG)"


Nope. I don't really have a whole lotta control over what is/isn't disabled unfortunately


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2 minutes ago, Storm said:

Do we get to know the server ip when we are in the meeting??

The server details will be provided in the "ARMA 3 KOTH Room" Teamspeak Channel

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