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The RPUK Christmas Pub Quiz


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Alright everyone, grab a beer, gluhwein or other drink and sit down because it is pub quiz time! It's time for a very special RPUK Pub Quiz! There will be three rounds consisting of 20 questions. The first 5 questions of each round are music questions.

You can sign up with a team of max. 6 people. Signing up is done by answering to this topic with team name and names of all the team members. 

When? Saturday 26-12 at 20:00

Where? Teamspeak



What is the prize?

Guaranteed prize: Teamspeak tag

Optional prize, one of the following:

1. Every team pays 1 million per team member, winning team takes all.

2. Every team member donates 1 pound to a pot to be given to a charity of choice via a direct link (you will not be asked to donate to a member/staff team!), winning team can decide the charity. People always have a chance to opt out of this and go for the alternative. If a team member can't or won't donate the 1 pound they can donate 1 million pounds in game to be handed out to new players during the Christmas sale (with discretion to prevent RDM sprees).


If you wish to assist with making questions and hosting but don't want to participate then contact Nalurah.

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1 hour ago, Coozer said:

It might of been a better idea to do it on the GTA server with the optional prize being a GTA related one 🤷‍♀️

Sorting that out now, making it server wide as we already tried but there is no server wide events page. And adding GTA prizes. Probably gonna move the event to a weekend later.


Event will be moved to the 26th of December, a specific page has been made for the GTA audience.

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Teams so far:
- Team Barry Scott
- The Los Santos National Health Service's Big Christmas Night Out 2020
- The Dream Team
- The Underachievers

We need at least 5 teams for this event to happen so encourage, force, blackmail your friends to sign up!

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