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Advent Calendar 2020 Reward/ Statistics

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🎅Advent Calendar 2020 Statistics 🎅

With Christmas coming to an end the Advent Calendar can no longer be claimed which means it's time for some statistics and rewards for those the one guy who opened every single day of the Advent Calendar.

During the course of December 401 different people opened their Advent Calendar with a total of 1,151 doors being opened. Fun fact, on Christmas day itself 48 people opened their Advent Calendar.

One person during the time the Advent Calendar was available opened every single day and as such Santa has decided to bring him some Christmas Presents. As he has spent the last 25 days getting a random present Santa decided to let him choose what he gets this time. So to the one guy that opened every single day @Maverick Deltayou have the choice of two out of the three following options from the North Pole as a "Thank you for spreading Christmas Cheer":

1) 500K delivered tax free to your bank account
2) 1 Prestige level
3) A custom vehicle registration plat

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!!!!


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11 hours ago, Maverick Delta said:

Ayyy thank you, Can I get 2, 3 please. 
(As these will waste the most of your time ❤️)

Can the number plate be: Mavrick
and put it on my: Hatchback Sport (The beast) | KR70 WKY

Prestige point added - I couldn't find that hatchback unfortunately though

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