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The Story of ALASEER CEO of Hello kittyy

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| General information about the character
  The formal Owner and CEO of Hello kittyy
  Known as ALASEER
  Age: 58
  Moved to Altis In 2016 after hes love got killed by a drunk cop
  He got two dead sons timmy and jimmy

The story began when he moved to Kavala beach, he thought he will live in peace and die alone by aging slowly a boring death, but then after 2 boring weeks a thief broke into his house looking for food while Alaseer was awake thinking about hes past and all the memories he had, wishing he can change his past, that when he heard a sound in the house he went downstairs to his surprise he saw the thief face he cried beacuse the thief looked like his dead son, the theif was sceard he only wanted to eat he said please I'm not here to hurt you I just want to eat, Alaseer repled with i thought i will finely die , and that day Alaseer met hes partnar Cisco they supported each other and decided to change the world to a place better than what it is, togther they started a compny disguised as a cleaning compny but in reality they were private investigators they collected information about everyone in alites evey gang and cop in a list desinged to disassemble any fouce they knew eveyone house, hideout, bace, secret weapon storage and much more , in 2019 Alaseer was kiddnaped by 16 men after offering a cop some information they beated him again and again but he insisted he's just a guy who clean stores and banks, what wasn't normal is how they worked togother the kiddnapers in a way that no normal thugs can he made it a must to know who was behind it and he got a lead that put him infront of one man name he was a cop high ranking cop but after discovering alaseer did nothing at the momment but after a month he had an arangment with the pesidons the fun fact in order to get there attention he kiddnaped 3 mambers and shot one in the leg the pesidons were mad but the offer did equal the pain he inflicted on them.

- Words can't discribe what he done or went throw but with the right price he can be handy and trusted.
- He got backstabed before and delt with it with a bullet in her head.
- Money never was an issue to him he undarstood the system very well.
- He is will connected.

in conclusion he's a frined and an enemy that you always wanted.

lastly to all you poor souls sorry for my english ❤️



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