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Moving to GameBuild 2189

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Hey, Guys, we are moving the Fivem Server to GameBuild 2189!


To make the transition smooth for you, you will need to update your GTA 5 to the latest. You can do this in the store you bought your GTA5 from I.e Epic, Steam or R*.

You will not be able to join the server without updating your GTA5!

When you go to connect to the server your FiveM client will restart to transition to the new build. This is normal and to be expected!


There is a way to make your FiveM client automatically load straight to this new build so you don’t have to restart your FiveM client each time you join the server. To achieve this you need to edit your shortcut for FiveM.


Steps for editing your Fivem Shortcut: 

  1. Find your FiveM Shortcut (it might be on your desktop or in your start menu, or somewhere else you put it). If it’s in your Start menu you will need to right-click on the shortcut, and select Open File Location to find the actual shortcut.
  2. After you have found your shortcut for FiveM, right-click on it and hit Properties. The menu that pops up should look like this: clJEBBw.png
  3. The changes you need to make are to the Target box. Click inside it and move all the way over to the far right-hand end.
  4. You need to add -b2189 to the end of the statement ensuring that there is a space in-between the .exe and the hyphen. It should now look like this:
  5. Click OK to save the change and close this menu. Then just run your FiveM shortcut in the normal way, and it should go straight to the build2189 client, instead of transitioning builds each time.
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