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Vehicle Glow | HEMTT, Ifrits Qilins Etc.



So these "Textures" are created using rvmats, they provide a cool glow to different types of vehicles and look really unique and makes the enviorment more alive. If people enjoy the suggestion of adding these to Ifrit´s, prowlers, qilins and HEMTT´s i´ll happily send over the files to devs. 

Another plus to these materials are the file size, they take up roughly 6 kb´s all togheter which really is nothing.

These materials can also be provided to every vehicle so if you have any other ideas im happy to slap them onto them and see how it looks.



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Just now, Simon Ross said:

It looks good on the Quilins, Prowlers and Ifrits, but I would avoid it on the Hemtt and especially the Orca as it doesn't work as well on those IMO

idk haha i kinda like having gold tyres but yea it looks abit dumb, like i said these can be applied to any vehicle really. It´s just a matter of the looks, i tried it on a hatchy but that looked shit

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Like it when its on ifrits and quilins, +1 for thoose.

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On 08/03/2021 at 12:12, Maxim said:

26 upvotes 👀 when’s this getting added then 


On 10/03/2021 at 18:20, foxyy said:

This better be in next update with these upvotes!

Doubt it I still have 3 skins that ain't in yet 😕

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