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HMP Altis remake



This is a rework mostly on the looks of HMP altis, ive tried to make it look more like a prison than a holding facility, and also thought about how it would be to fight and defend, i feel like there are no more advantages or disadvantages as there are for the current prison, but any feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.

also noticed on the images it is hard to see the objects in the backyard but more will be added to make it more authentic.

I will happily provide the sqm if accepted.



1. fences glitchy = will be changed to prevent exploiting





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While I do agree the prison could really do with a fresh look, I don't think this is it. I mean this as constructive criticism and not to be a dick but this does look like a shoddy job.


While I can't remember much of it now as it has been so long, I think something similar to the old UNMC prison would be nice as I remember being put in there and it actually looking and feeling like a prison.

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i have spent a tremendous amount of time in the piece of earth and i think it could use a little of a change 

PS, mostly the toilets 

And  a big +1 from me

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51 minutes ago, Coco said:

I think something similar to the old UNMC prison would be nice

that would be very nice, but the question is would it be realistic to go back to something thats been removed, i doubt the devs would wanna go back to something thats been removed, however it would be good

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Yea, I agree with Coco. I think a redesign is a needed but I don't think this is it. The yard is rather bare and enclosed with low security fencing - add a few different elements into the yard and buff the fences up slightlest so it doesn't look like someone could just break into prision with some pliers. Also somewhat similar to the current layout of the prison where it consists of the front, processing area and then the yard. Possbily introduce new elements to make it more interesting.  I will say having a helipad is a nice addition.

Ultimatley I don't feel like enough has changed and/or is a superior change for me to +1 this.

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Not trying to be a cunt here, but this is not it chief. As you say a HMP revamp would be nice but this honestly dosent really look that good. 

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