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The Altis Life Server: are you done with it?

The Altis Life Server: Is it time to say goodbye?  

97 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think we should shut down the Altis life server?

    • Yes, I believe Arma has run it's course
    • No, I would like the Arma server to stay but I will not personally play on it
    • No, I will fight to save the Arma server and will actively play it if there is stuff to do
    • I have never played the Arma server, so whether it stays or goes is irrelevant to me.

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This is a continuation from @Hiveand his status update, found here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/51294-hive/?status=44752&type=status

I have created this topic to continue this discussion before the status update disappears and is no longer easy to find. Please post your new responses here but do look at the status update to see the discussion that has happened thus far.

I have added a new option for FiveM players, who may not have played Arma before who may visit this poll and vote on it; any more poll options you believe should be added, PM me and I will add it if I feel it is right.


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9 minutes ago, Joseph Triton said:

Yeah I fully agree. However what's the point if wilco himself lost hope for it

If wilco lost hope, lets just do it ourselves. Its not "that hard" i think. I heard he would only pull the plug if there were no people on the altis server at all, and now there are 50 people on the server. 

I think main points to be taken up would be to look at all the suggestions that are under consideration. I've seen a suggestion from August 2019 (i think) that would add alot to civillian life, but it never really got looked at. So prob take a look at them and see what the community likes most 🙂 Prob also includes the Crayon club

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8 minutes ago, Tom McColson said:

i think rn the server is just dipping low due to new lockdown rules aswell as people have exams coming up

Not true, even if you really really really want it to be. Other servers are just fine and have the same numbers as usual.

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1 minute ago, Ji said:

Not true, even if you really really really want it to be. Other servers are just fine and have the same numbers as usual.

I don't believe that is the issue, someone said it in ooc earlier so I put it here

i think the main issue is most role-players have gone to fivem as there is loads more roleplay opportunity, most people on arma 3 are more combat based now.other servers the pop is low until a pvp event then the player count rockets up

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5 minutes ago, Ji said:

Not true, even if you really really really want it to be. Other servers are just fine and have the same numbers as usual.

Please only compare with servers with good quality roleplay. (I know that excludes us also)

8 minutes ago, The Bearish Crusader said:

I heard

You heard nothing! Nothing has been decided and may I correct some stupid false thinking.... I am not the decision maker, there is 6 of us and no closure has been discussed on a serious level... just personal opinions on the forums that for some reason are being taken as the funeral arrangements 😂

If you want to save the Arma server... play it and keep playing it


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10 minutes ago, Ji said:

Not true, even if you really really really want it to be. Other servers are just fine and have the same numbers as usual.

i think it is because rebel life has nothing for it anymore. I have never personally played rebel, but nobody does runs anymore, red zones get boring after a while.

Would be nice with an event or 2 from the event team to spice rebel and poseidon up a bit. Maybe organise a gold or a money transport (Money from RBA than needs to be laundered) where police need to escort and rebels need to ambush it.

Many other suggestions for events are here

It is a post not much has been done with except for moving it to "under consideration" 1,5 years ago


6 minutes ago, Wilco said:

You heard nothing!

I'm saying i heard, because i have heard it from 3 different people, not that i have heard it from you.

If i knew you said anything about it i would say "I know" or "I have read".


This is why i believe it is a good idea to have a community meeting, to have alot of stuff cleared up, as well as look at old suggestions to see what people thing would be high priority to actually make them play as rebel. Because Police and poseidon are fully dependant on how much to do, fully dependant on rebel numbers and rebel activities. And so far the only rebel activities are either: Poseidon drugs or Redzones, because normal drugs are just not worth it

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  • Tuna changed the title to The Altis Life Server: are you done with it?

Let's do a meeting and if management dont want to get involved let's do it without them. Hit me or any KLR member on ts and we figure something out. Police and Poseidon are more then welcome as well. Friday at 6-7 ish in our channels. Let's brainstorm and see what we come up with:)

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4 minutes ago, The Bearish Crusader said:

but nobody does runs anymore

No one does runs? People have been doing runs again ever since @sciencefreak74changed the entire scheme.
Is there enough content for rebels? No.

How about some transparacy of the development, people want to look forward to seeing nice things come to the server yet it's been quiet for some time.
I am not going to dig at development as its easy to point fingers as to what people are not doing right even though development has been trying despite many people slandering them to bring out updates to the server.
They're putting in their own time to work on things yet every update people start to whine about them wasting their time on things people dont want, I wouldn't be motivated to bring my best if people are going to shit on me regardless.

Yet again I do think that if you're less into it that it would be best to recruit more developers to the team and have them work towards something.

Right now, they have done a good job at bringing QoL updates and ofcourse they revamped the runs which was a big succes as we had 130 people on when it was updated.
We can see that there is a pattern though that when people have done their runs they get to the 'end-game' which is just buying xians, blackfishes etc anything expensive but when you have alot of money there is just ample things you can do with it.
The flag system was a good idea to get rid of some money like gambling addicts like me (Spent more money than I wanted to on them 😞 )

Now the way going forward is going to be hard seeing as people only want to play when there's people on obviously but the start is in my opinion by revamping rebel life at this point. There is just simply not enough things to do for a rebel once they start stacking millions in the bank.

What should be added to make that different? 
I have no idea 🙂 

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22 minutes ago, Wilco said:

If you want to save the Arma server... play it and keep playing it

This is already enough said, I agree with Wilco, want to keep arma? play on it, no point going back and forth. I haven't personally seen Altis have more than 25 since i First came back

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مرحبا ما اخبارك


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If noone likes working on Altis and actively develop/come up with new concepts for the server and communicate with the playerbase then what is the point? Surely it´s better focus your rescorces on new / other projects then?

Otherwise it just becomes a money drain lmao

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I would like to say, I am not in any way trying to organise anything, to say that this is the end for Altis, and therefore that you will shut down the server based on the poll results. But you yourself have said the community meetings are done, and that is okay. But the community has things to say and the forums are a 24/7 platform that allows people to have their say without being shouted over.

You can say all you like that YOU are not the management of this server, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that perception. For years now you have been the public Management authority posting, organising, and responding to things like this, and being the most publicly involved in the day-to-day running of the server (excluding Aiden, but I am talking of the 'traditional' management who has been in place since the server started). You will forever and always be viewed as Zeus sat on Olympus, give up trying to say the contrary because it won't change, no matter what you like.

Therefore - for you to say that "I have uninstalled the game" "arma is dead to me" and "roleplay no longer exists" (I am paraphrasing, not directly quoting here) is incredibly demoralising to the rest of the community who arma is NOT dead to. You are of course entitled to your own opinion that does not represent management and the position of the server but you have to understand that the authority you still command is immense and anything you say will be treated as gospel. That might be untrue, but that's the way it always has been and always will be.

Your comments are incredibly incredibly negative, and that is fine - you yourself have said that being 'brutally honest' is your way and I love a straight-talker. But then mixing in jabs, and just generally shitting on something doesn't help. You've ploughed hours into Arma, this community, and we are grateful for all that but it doesn't mean you can say "I've done all this and it's dead now" and throw it back in our faces. You've said yourself that you're done with it, but you continue to post more jabs in threads and try to shut people down when we try and protect something that we have loved for years and would like to continue loving for some time now in the future.

If you're "Not going to make another Arma post/response like stated" Then please stop posting jabs like "yeh polls will save the server" and some such. 

Yours sincerely, 
Someone who still knows Arma has roleplay, quality roleplay, to be had.

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Same shit as last time. If you're looking for help on your suggestions then just copy and paste the shit from the community meeting I hosted a few months ago, because a large amount of the suggestions from that are still no closer to being on the server.


Nothing is going to change. It's important to realise that. The devs are fed up, lacking ideas or want to go in different directions to the community. Majority of the staff team do not give a single fuck about the Altis server anymore and have actually helped kill it off. I wrote a message to Wilco back in October raising some concerns about how staff were handling situations and ultimately driving people away, nothing changed. I watched for the last few months as many long term players have left due to shit involving staff and now even I've lost all hope and decided to leave the community altogether because of the shite I've just recently had to deal with. It just gets worse and worse. Management is also MIA but not really a change there.


The only real hope this server has is to release the mission file and let the community use it, edit it and submit their own additions to the dev team to be added to the server. There's just no other way for this server to compete with the current busy dev team against all the other servers. If it fails then who cares, the server will end up getting shut down and you lose nothing.


Yeah it is sad it has come to this again, but there's still a good healthy playerbase for the Altis server, shame there's no clear leadership to make things run well.

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57 minutes ago, Tuna said:

Then please stop posting jabs like "yeh polls will save the server" and some such. 

I did not post a "jab" like that I posted this:


You are acting with this poll upon a personal opinion, Was there a need for a poll ?

I could of told you the outcome before you posted it... split between people who have moved on and between people who cant let go while 225 players were on GTA RP with 100 in the queue not bothered about a poll.

I haven't once said I am not management... but I am not the big leader you all seem to think I am! I have as much power as any other management member, If you are demoralised by my personal opinion then I would hate to live a day in the life of you matey! 

Calm yourself down! Go play the server... you are preaching here to a group of already converted people, More numbers on the server will make it more appealing for players looking for a server to join.

I wouldn't expect big new features or development like GTA RP (Lets be realistic) and if numbers do drop then I am sure it will be on the management table for a vote of what to do.... that's what we act upon not polls!

Therefore its pointless having one! end of conversation really... Play the server or lose it



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For me personally, I am very happy that the Altis life server is still running even though I don’t play on it myself very often.

I have spend a lof time there and made a lot of friends who I still play / speak with today. Got a lot of good memories and I like to revisit the city from time to time, even if it’s for nostalgia only.

There is also nothing to gain by shutting down the Altis server, it’s not like we need an extra FiveM server as it can have way more people on 1 server then Arma would let us do so.

I do acknowledge the fact that Arma 3 is not as populair as it once was, because keep in mind back in the day I was playing on the server we had 3 servers full everyday with 125 people on it and others spam joining. (Good times)

Thinking about it, I would actually love to hop on the Altis server again and play with some old friends that I have had an awesome time with back in the day.

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