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Belated AAN Coverage of Posidon / Police Shooting

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8 hours ago, Hayden Tacitus said:

The SeaDog in the middle with the Katiba did the American side proud in regards to the war reenactment. 

Yes he loves a little drama does our @Hayden Tacitus:)

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Hey don't belittle that situation. That was a dark time for a few of my comrades who were critically injured in representing my native lands during such a harsh time period. Their sacrifice was not in vain as we succeeded in keeping the historical accuracy of the reenactment.  

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I haven't seen fake news coverage like this since 1999 Monrovia when the Community Under National Trust told us we were getting our checks sent to us, only for them to start another Civil war! 

Damn Monrovians, They Ruined Monrovia! 

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